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8 Trends That Boost a Virtual Brain Gain for Africa

By Angel Jones March 2, 2023 To mark the evolution of their business model that now offers permanent, part-time and hourly executive talent, HomecomingEX recently launched their inaugural Virtual Brain Gain Report. This has been created by analysing their own talent activities across Africa, plus drawing insights from various global talent conferences they attended

By |2024-04-30T12:14:49+02:00March 2nd, 2023|Human Resources, Jobs, Leadership|

Redesigning Work and How We Do It

By Wilhelm Crous February 17, 2023 Most organisations were forced to pivot to a hybrid working model during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the majority of those having maintained or modified those arrangements in the past year. Employees have generally experienced this new work style favourably, as they appreciate the additional flexibility and autonomy, being

By |2024-04-30T14:15:18+02:00February 20th, 2023|Human Resources, Hybrid Work, Leadership|

How HR Lost Employees’ Trust and How to Get it Back

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, Grenny and Cullimore (2022) shared research which indicates that employees who have serious concerns in their organisations would rather reach out to anyone else before talking to HR! They would rather go to their manager or a trusted colleague or handle the matter themselves. In

By |2024-04-30T13:20:56+02:00October 31st, 2022|Human Resources|

HR professionals have what it takes for C-Suite

Latest research published in the July-August 2022 edition of the Harvard Business Review  show that your social skills is now making it easier to open the C-suite door. The role of a C-Suite Executive has changed substantially over the last decade or so. What we see now is that executives need to be able

By |2024-04-30T13:48:09+02:00July 18th, 2022|Uncategorized|

Why South Africa is Losing the War for Talent and How to Fix It

By Wilhelm Crous July 11, 2022 Given how global talent has become, cities are increasingly being viewed as talent magnets. Unfortunately, South African cities have been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. Gqeberha is running dry, Cape Town and Johannesburg have extraordinarily high murder rates, Durban has been devastated by severe

By |2024-04-30T14:54:15+02:00July 11th, 2022|Uncategorized|

How to Build a Culture that Supports Strategy and Purpose

Harvard Business Review recently released an article by Hubert Joly, former Chairperson and CEO of Best Buy and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, where he discussed the interaction between strategy, purpose, and culture. When these factors align, Joly contends, “magic happens”— and it is this magic that make companies like Microsoft, Netflix and Best Buy

By |2024-04-30T13:26:34+02:00July 4th, 2022|Human Resources, Hybrid Work, Uncategorized|

Your “How to” for Hybrid Working

Hybrid work, while initially an anomaly, has now settled in to be a permanent fixture in the working world. With 90% of business leaders opting for a hybrid working environment and 75% of survey respondents believing that flexible working models will become standard practice within the next three years, the time to “wait and

By |2024-04-30T14:44:04+02:00June 23rd, 2022|Human Resources, Hybrid Work, Uncategorized|

Creating Organisations That Love People

What does loving your work do for your business? According to Marcus Buckingham’s latest article in the Harvard Business Review, (1) designing work that people love has more implications for business performance than you might think. When you are in love with another person your brain chemistry changes, and according to neuroscience, this same

By |2024-04-30T12:55:42+02:00May 15th, 2022|Human Resources, Leadership|

Human Magic: The Secret Ingredient to Thriving Companies

New research indicates that financial rewards do not drive performance in cognitive and creative skill environments. So what does? According to Hubert Joly, former Chairman and CEO of the US based company Best Buy and Lecturer at Harvard Business School‑ the secret ingredient to thriving companies is human magic. According to Joly’s latest article

By |2024-04-30T13:51:20+02:00February 7th, 2022|Human Resources|

Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to various aspects of professional life being highly detrimental to mental health. Professional loneliness, isolation, increased stress and burn-out have all been symptoms of the pandemic, and mental health has seen widespread deterioration despite many companies taking steps to assist employees with their mental wellness. In order to readjust

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