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Beyond Salaries: Why you should care about Personal Finance in the Workplace

Our Interview with Val Leeming “If businesses want to succeed in the new world, they must have top-notch human-centred systems to tap into the true potential of their employees (Norman, 2021).” Paul Norman, the Group Human Resources Officer for MTN, suggests that the next era of HR will bring human centricity back to the

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Revisiting Corporate Culture – A Priority for today!

By Wilhelm Crous, 26 August 2021 Rethinking company strategy has become a widespread trend in light of the global pandemic- but as Peter Drucker notoriously pointed out, this might be the wrong focus.  Drucker’s famous phrase “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast” stands out against the current patterns of repositioning strategies to speed up digitisation,

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The Importance and Complexity of offering Hybrid Workplaces

By Wilhelm Crous, 26 August 2021 The job market is getting tougher and tougher, with research indicating a post-pandemic continuation of the hybrid workplace and the best talent able to offer their skills on a global scale without even leaving their homes. In light of this, companies are trying new tactics to retain and

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Can employers make Covid vaccinations mandatory?

A guest article by Jan Kemp Nel Snr and Jan Kemp Nel Jnr, Authors of Employment Contracts for the New World of Work. _________________________ On 11 June 2021 (a few days after the publication of our new book Employment Contracts for the New World of Work) the Department of Employment and Labour issued an

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How to manage virtual meetings effectively

At the start of March 2020, offices were full with a buzz of energy as people conversed with each other and held meetings around polished board tables. Then, COVID-19 struck, and with little warning offices went ‘virtual’, and people had to work from home where they could, relying on technology to do so. With

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Hybrid workplaces: Getting it right

Research from Gartner indicates 46% of workplaces will follow a hybrid working model in the near future. It’s also estimated that in 70% of manager-employee relations, either the manager or employee will be working remotely at least part of the time. While another BCG study highlighted 53% of South Africans would prefer a job

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21 HR Jobs of the future

The impact of the Covid has dramatically shaped how and where we work. There’s no doubt it’s also escalated the importance of HR’s role within organisations. Jeanne Meister of Future Workplace and Robert Brown of Cognizant, recently wrote in the Harvard Business Review article 21 HR Jobs of the Future: “This is HR’s moment to lead

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