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Creating Organisations That Love People

What does loving your work do for your business? According to Marcus Buckingham’s latest article in the Harvard Business Review, (1) designing work that people love has more implications for business performance than you might think. When you are in love with another person your brain chemistry changes, and according to neuroscience, this same chemical

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How to lead from the heart – especially during a crisis

By Tracey Swanepoel During the emotionally charged and uncertain time of Covid-19 I’ve had more conversations about emotions with leaders than ever before. I guess trying to survive a deadly pandemic brings emotions bubbling to the surface. What an amazing opportunity for leaders: to acknowledge that people may be frightened, uncertain, exhausted. To empathise with

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Don’t sell your Office, Build Your Culture: Our Tour of King Price

If you like this article, you might like our workshops on developing the hybrid workplace.You can find out more at the end of this piece. By Amy Gray According to the New York Times, 2020 saw the office market fall to its lowest point in almost three decades. Previous world economic hubs like London

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OD and Politics: Organisational Development’s role in a changing Africa

By Amy Gray Industrial and Organisational Psychologists are not politicians, but perhaps they should have been. South Africa’s ongoing transformation from 1994 brought many policies for Organisational Developers to enact, but the Industrial and Organisational Psychology field provided little relevant support and education. We recently discussed these issues and the highly politiciced socio-economic history

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Beyond Salaries: Why you should care about Personal Finance in the Workplace

Our Interview with Val Leeming “If businesses want to succeed in the new world, they must have top-notch human-centred systems to tap into the true potential of their employees (Norman, 2021).” Paul Norman, the Group Human Resources Officer for MTN, suggests that the next era of HR will bring human centricity back to the

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What 100 CEOs learnt about leading in perilous times

The Boston Consulting Group recently interviewed more than 100 CEOs on what they’ve learnt after leading their organisations through the current crisis. These are the six themes that emerged… Purpose guides action: Purpose anchors an organisation’s day-to-day activities to a higher goal. It’s a company’s reason for being that underlies everything it does, makes, or

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