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06 - 07 Mar 2023


All Day

Agile People Leadership Certification Workshop 2023

Cape Town: 6–7 March 2023

Johannesburg: 13–14 March 2023

Receive a certification in AGILE TALENT by ICAgile

**NOTE this workshop forms part of the HR Director Conference 2023, however you can attend as a stand-alone workshop and do not have to register for the conference**

Click here is you want more information on the HR Director Conference:

Benefits of attending this workshop:

  • Confidently discuss Agile values, concepts and practices with leaders and teams.
  • Understand why organisations are ‘going Agile’ and the implications for HR and leaders.
  • Gain practical tools and methods to start applying Agile HR to your own work.
  • Discover how to build a great employee experience using Agile HR tools and practices.
  • Develop adaptive and agile managers that understand themselves and others.
  • Understand how to create conditions for an environment that will allow the business agility and teams to thrive.
  • Create a psychological safe culture where learning is creativity and innovation is emphasised.
  • Identify the gap between structures and culture and how can leaders close the gap to build more aligned system.

Workshop structure:

Day one = Agile Fundamentals (Cape Town: 6 March | Johannesburg: 12 March)

Day two = Agile People Leadership (Cape Town: 7 March | Johannesburg: 13 March)

Day One: Agile Fundamentals

Whether you are a leader, line manager, Agile coach or have any kind of HR role (specialist, administrator or business partner), you need to understand how strategy, structures and processes, methods, and culture need to change when working in a company that wants to work according to Agile values.  This course gives you tools, principles, and knowledge on how you can work to increase business agility in your organisation: from building your self-leadership, to how you can lead others at different levels in the organisation, and finally how to create structures and culture which are in harmony and balance to achieve a common vision. Learn how to identify and correct system errors in your own organisation through new principles and agile working methods and increase your organisation’s adaptability to external changes.

Modules covered:

  • Introduction to agile people and important principles/tools
  • Psychological safety as a foundation for a learning organisation
  • Emerging strategies, structures, and goals
  • Building conditions for an agile culture
  • Creating conditions for change

Day Two: Agile People Leadership

Leadership is changing, the traditional top-down command and control management style is no longer successful in today’s fast-changing work environment. The new and complex reality requires a paradigm shift in leaders’ mindset and a new understanding of what constitutes effective leadership. This training focuses on developing managers who want to be adaptive and agile in their leadership style, learning how to lead themselves and others with the purpose of creating conditions for an environment that will allow business agility to thrive.

Modules covered:

  • The why and what of leading with agility
  • Behaviours that enable agility
  • Knowing and connecting with yourself
  • Talent acquisition and onboarding
  • Learning and development and employee engagement


  • Why agility in leadership is needed
  • Leadership styles that increase agility
  • Personal agility
  • Relational agility
  • Exercising agility in key conversations
  • The nature of organisational transformation and agility
  • Why transformation is needed for agility

Please note: It is required that you complete the Agile Fundamentals as part of the Agile People Leadership in order to obtain certification.

Already completed the Agile Fundamentals?

If you have already attended the Agile Fundamentals as part of a previous Agile HR course, you do not have to redo Agile Fundamentals (day one) – simply join for day two of the workshop.

About the Facilitator

Facilitated by Anja van Beek, Agile Talent Strategist, Leadership Expert and Leadership Coach
Anja was part of the Sage global HR leadership team representing the Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia region and has more than 20 years of corporate experience. She has led multi-national teams through transition and change management. In her career, Anja worked as a payroll and HR consultant, a Consulting Business Manager and managed the internal training function. She established the HR department and was the HR director when they won the Deloitte Best Company To Work For, for three consecutive years. In 2017, she started her own consulting and coaching business. Anja partners with executives and leaders, from small businesses through to large organisations – on all people-related aspects with a specific focus on integrating the talent of the business into the overall strategy. In her coaching practice, she partners with leaders and executives who need an outside-in approach. She is also a facilitator at The Human Edge, where they create winning cultures through encouraging open and honest conversations, holding one another accountable, fostering intentional influence and embracing change. She is a Neurozone certified practitioner supporting teams to build resilience, prevent burnout and maintain high performance. Anja has a B. Comm Honours in Industrial Relations at RAU (University of Johannesburg) and obtained her International, ICF accredited, Coaching qualification. She was one of the first worldwide to complete the Agile Talent Certification and is an authorised instructor for the Agile Talent track


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