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26 Oct 2021


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Creating a culture of Life Long Learning In your Organisation Workshop

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The future of work is lifelong learning and lifelong learning in organisations always starts with L & D. Lifelong learning is a prerequisite for any learning solutions.  The world is changing at a fast pace where we are faced with digital disruption and constantly leading in the unknown. In these circumstances the only long-term sustainable strategy is learning to learn and engage in the habit of learning, and developing the skills and competences faster than the world is happening around us. But this is easier said than done. The paradigm of learning is changing and formal education cannot keep up with the rapid transformation. The pressure for developing new skills is everywhere. We are being threatened by the possibility of job losses, positions being taken over by automation, and we are bombarded with omnipresent digitalization. The pandemic and COVID have exemplified this issue even stronger.

Through her experience, Sylwia together with her team, embarked on an intentional and continuous learning journey and movement within her current organisation (Ikea). Sylwia has developed the 0123 model. The idea behind this simple model is to empower anyone to learn consciously and intentionally embark on the Lifelong Learning journey, regardless their education, background or age. The lifelong Learning Movement is about creating awareness around learning, inspiring people to lead conscious, meaningful and fulfilled lives professionally and privately.  Working with adults for over 20 years, after studying and analysing human learning patters, behaviours and science behind learning, Sylwia came up this this simple yet practical framework, to help one secure a continuous lifelong learning cycle. The 0123 Model for Lifelong Learning Rhythm shows a simple and continues approach that can be adapted by anyone, anytime and anywhere.  We know that Ultimately the responsibility of continuous development and learning lays on the individual, but our responsibility as leaders and organizations is to secure the right conditions for development of our co-workers. The role of organizations is even more important today when traditional education is being challenged and is not always keeping up with the pace of change. How can we step up and secure sustainable education?

During this practical session, using the 0123 Model, the masterclass will cover

  • Creating a learning mindset – creating awareness about learning, planting the seeds of a learning mindset
  • Cultivating a learning culture and how to develop more conscious learners
  • How to unlock lifelong learning through courage and curiosity
  • A deep dive into the steps to lifelong learning, together with guidelines, learning paths, tools and explanations of the mechanisms
  • The critical importance of developing a social learning culture and how should you get started


This workshop is a pre-conference workshop for this year’s annual Learning and Development Conference

About Facilitator

Sylwia Gorska, Global Learning and Development Leader and Learning Consultant (Sweden)

Sylwia is the Global Leader for one of the biggest international retailers (Ikea), responsible for employee development and learning in over 32 countries. Sylwia has more than 20 years global Leadership, HR, OD, Talent Management, Corporate Communications and L&D experience within professional services, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. She has been a Communication Director and HR Director for international organizations, where she led global teams. She graduated from The Leys School in Cambridge, holding a BA(Hons) in Economics from the University in Birmingham and an MA in Law and Administration from the University of Warsaw. Sylwia is a Lifelong Learner and the creator and propagator of a practical 0123 Model for Lifelong Learning Rhythm and My Lifelong Learning Manifesto. She is on a mission is to create a Lifelong Learning Movement to inspire people to be the best version of themselves through conscious learning and lifelong development. Sylwia studied and worked in the UK, worked and lived in Germany, United States, Poland, and now lives and works in Sweden.


Registration Fees (excl. VAT)

Creating a culture of Life Long Learning In your Organisation Workshop
26 October 2021 | Online Workshop: R2 250 ex Vat (only)

Or incorporate as part of the L&D Conference 27-28 October!

Option A: 26-28 October | Workshop and Two-day Conference – R6250

Option B: 27-28 October | Two-day conference only – R5500

Option C: 27 or 28 October | One day of conference only – R2800 


Minimum of 5 people per course and maximum of 25 people • Registration fee excludes VAT.






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