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Katie Van Der Schyff
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13 - 14 Sep 2023


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Designing Fit-For-Purpose Organisations Online Workshop 2023

The way an organisation is designed has a profound effect, not only on its capacity to perform, but also its ability to:

  • Execute strategy successfully,
  • Create memorable experiences for customers and employees,
  • Effectively deploy and use resources,
  • Implement efficient modes of working,
  • Influence the flow of people energy and positively engage staff,
  • Embed a healthy organisational culture and dynamics
  • Consequently perform effectively,
  • And ultimately to be a successful and viable business.

Your organisation can (and should!) be competing by its design. This workshop will show you how.

A first of its kind in SA, this highly-practical workshop is unique in that it:

  • Seamlessly merges the latest theory and practice of Organisational Design (OD);
  • Presents a comprehensive, integrated, approach to OD and its processes;
  • Offers real case studies to show you how to apply OD pragmatically at work.

After attending, you’ll have a well-grounded, high-level understanding of OD. You’ll get to grips with Organisational Design (OD) as a critical organisational discipline and key executive leadership task. And you’ll also know how to weigh up different Organisational Operating Models – with fit-for-purpose delivery logics – for your own organisation.

Workshop outline:

  • Engaging with OD as a mission-critical organisational discipline
    Definition, purpose, and expected benefits of OD
    Why has OD become a mission-critical organisational discipline?
  • Mapping the territory called Organisational Design
    Levels and dimensions of design
    Basic building blocks
    Common myths
    A comprehensive, integrated OD route map
  • Mapping the territory called Organisational Design
    Phase 1: Recognise need for organisational (re)deign
    Phase 2: Scope and set up the OD assignment
    Phase 3: Craft a fit-for-purpose OD solution
    Phase 4: Implement the signed-off OD solution and assess it value-add
    Phase 5: Close out
  • Choosing a fit-for-purpose organisational design
    Key considerations when choosing a fit-for-purpose organisational design
    Generic organisational shapes with their respective strengths and weaknesses
    Key questions to interrogate the fitness-of-purpose of an Organisational Design
  • 5a: Into the future: In search of a future-fit Organisational Design
    OD within the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    Organisational Design of the future for the future
  • 5b: Tying it all together
    Fit-for-purpose organisational design: A holistic, integrated and systemic picture

Unique value-add!

The workshop is based on the globally, highly acclaimed OD text by the workshop presenter, Theo Veldsman: Designing fit-for-purpose organisations. A comprehensive, integrated route map. The book has been rated independently internationally as the most comprehensive, up-to-date book on organisational design, currently available globally. Participants in the workshop will receive a complimentary e-copy of the book.

Participants will also receive:

A complete workbook, pack of slides for, and a set of case studies for the workshop will be supplied to participants once they have registered for the workshop.

Who should attend?

  • Executive and senior line managers who want to get a high-level understanding of OD.
  • HR, Organisational Development and OD Practitioners with at least 5 years of experience from a middle management level up

About your facilitator:

Professor Theo Veldsman
Thought Leader in People Management and Author of Designing Fit-For-Purpose Organisations: A Comprehensive, Integrated Route Map

Theo Veldsman is regarded as one of the thought leaders in South Africa with respect to people management and the psychology of work. For many years he has demonstrated his ongoing ability to pro-actively identify emerging people and leadership needs and arrive at fit-for-purpose, innovative solutions that are simultaneously theoretically and practically sound. He has a proven ability to move seamlessly between theory and practice, and vice versa.

Theo has extensive research and development, as well as consulting experience over the past 35 years in the fields of strategy formulation and implementation; strategic organisational change; organisational (re)design; team building; leadership/management development; and strategic people/ talent management. He has consulted/ consults with many leading South African companies, and organisations overseas, in the above areas in the roles of Advisor, Expert, Coach/ Mentor.

He is seen as one of the pioneers of Organisational Design as a formal discipline in Southern Africa and Africa. He has enabled the process of introducing many of the global Organisational Design thought-leaders to South African audiences by arranging for them to visit South Africa. Personally, Theo has conducted more than 50 organisational design assignments across private and public organisations, both locally and internationally, at the executive and senior management levels.

Over the past 8 years Theo has trained close on 200 OD practitioners through public and in-company programmes. He has been party to many South African organisations introducing organisational design as a formal area of practice.

Registration Fees:

Registration fees exclude VAT. Includes speaker slides of the conference
13-14 September •  Designing Fit-For-Purpose Organisations for the Future R8 500.00




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