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Katie Van Der Schyff
+27 (83) 781 0588


12 Sep 2024


All Day

Executive PA Seminar 2024: Elevate Your Skills, Enhance Your Career

NH Johannesburg, Sandton (Former Hilton Hotel)

Join us for the Executive PA Seminar 2024, a premier event designed to empower Executive Personal Assistants with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to excel in your role. This seminar will cover a wide range of topics, including technological integration, effective networking, work-life balance, and the evolving roles of both in-person and virtual assistants. By attending you will gain insights from industry experts, participate in interactive sessions, and network with peers, all aimed at enhancing their skills and boosting their career growth.

In addition to the core topics, the seminar will also address crucial areas such as effective communication and managing confidentiality and ethical responsibilities. Whether you are looking to stay ahead of technological advancements, build a robust professional network, or learn strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, this seminar offers valuable content tailored to the modern Executive Personal Assistant. Do not miss this opportunity to invest in your professional development and prepare for the future of the assistant role.


  • Executive Personal Assistants seeking to enhance their skillset and stay updated with industry trends.
  • Virtual Assistants looking to expand their roles and improve their effectiveness.
  • Office Managers and Administrative Professionals aspiring to take on more strategic responsibilities.
  • HR Professionals interested in understanding the evolving role of assistants in the workplace.


  • Gain cutting-edge insights from industry experts on the latest AI tools and technologies for EPAs.
  • Master advanced networking strategies to build and maintain valuable professional connections.
  • Learn practical techniques for achieving a sustainable work-life balance and managing burnout and stress.
  • Understand future trends and essential skills needed to stay relevant and excel in your role.

Registration Fees:

Registration fees exclude VAT. Includes speaker slides of the seminar

12 September 2024 • Executive PA Seminar R4 500.00



Hourly Schedule

Seminar Programme - 12 September

09:00 - 09:10
Opening and welcoming remarks by Chairperson
09:10 - 09:50
AI Tools that can Revolutionise your Workflow
Step into the future with our deep dive into the latest technological innovations transforming the world of Executive Personal Assistants. Discover game-changing apps, platforms, and AI tools that can revolutionise your workflow, improve your efficiency, and position you as an indispensable asset in your organisation.
09:50 - 10:30
Mastering Professional Networking
Boost your career by mastering the art of networking. Learn advanced techniques to build and maintain a powerful professional network, both online and offline. This session will equip you with the skills to create meaningful connections that can open doors to new opportunities and career growth.
10:30 - 11:00
Morning tea break
11:00 - 11:40
Balancing Act: Managing Burnout and Stress
Reclaim your life and achieve a sustainable work-life balance. This session focuses on practical strategies to manage and prevent burnout, reduce stress, and restore harmony between your professional and personal life. Learn how to prioritise self-care and create boundaries that enable you to thrive both at work and at home.
11:40 - 12:20
The Evolution of the Personal Assistant
Adapt and thrive in the dynamic landscape of the Executive Personal Assistant role. This session explores future trends, the increasing importance of digital tools, and the evolving skills required to stay relevant and excel in this profession.
12:20 - 13:00
The Rise of the Virtual Assistant
Stay ahead in the digital age with insights into the growing importance and evolving role of Virtual Assistants. Learn about the diverse services they offer, the skills required, and best practices for effective collaboration and management of virtual teams.
13:00 - 14:00
Lunch break
14:00 - 14:40
Navigating Difficult Conversations and Bosses
Equip yourself with the skills to handle challenging interactions with confidence and professionalism. This session will cover strategies for managing difficult conversations and bosses, including handling sensitive information with discretion, and maintaining ethical standards.
14:40 - 15:20
Unlocking Your Potential: Motivation and Growth
Discover the secrets to unlocking your full potential and achieving your career aspirations. This inspiring session will delve into motivation techniques, personal growth strategies, and practical tips to help you reach new heights in your professional journey.
Close and wrap-up of seminar
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