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22 - 23 Feb 2023


All Day

HR as a Partner to the Mining, Energy and Resources Industry Conference 2023


The strategic importance of the resources sector in Southern Africa cannot be stressed enough. This sector accounts for 7.7% of South Africa’s nominal GDP and 60% of exports, but most importantly, engages 450,000 employees and contractors.

In order to achieve these metrics, South Africa’s mining and resources companies have to be resilient and innovative, especially under tough conditions such as extreme depth hard rock, seismicity, coal inflation, price uncertainty, logistical challenges and the tremendous change driven by 4IR and digitisation, amongst others. However, there is now a new challenge yet to be addressed: The New World of Work.

Modernisation is imperative, not only for the mining industry’s longevity, but also for the social good. The strategy should be to turn modernisation into a people enabler, rather than replacing people. It will also require more determination and the development of skills that the mining workforce of the future will require. At the same time, talent management should be shielded against the boom-and-bust nature of the industry, which will ensure that employees (especially women) will have confidence in longer-term careers in the industry. With ESG issues increasingly being prioritised, the needs of the community and society will also have to be addressed more proactively.

Partner to the Mining, Energy and Resources Industry Conference has been arranged. The theme, topics and speakers have been carefully researched to address, amongst others, the following:

  • The new world of work – implications for the resources industry.
  • People-centred modernisation – particularly for the social good.
  • Revisiting the Employee Value Proposition to attract and retain scarce talent, including women, millennials and Gen Z.
  • Achieving ER/IR stability with longer term agreements.
  • Aligning culture and leadership programmes to corporate strategy – the Harmony Case Study.
  • Making DEI work throughout the resources industry.
  • HR’s new agenda in a post Covid-19, increasingly digitised, world of work, where there is a growing need to integrate ESG priorities.
  • Continuous upskilling and reskilling of talent in this changing world of work.

This conference is brought to you by Knowledge Resources and THINKspiration. Senior Executives such as Nolitha Fakude (Chairperson of Anglo American), Nico Muller (CEO of Implats), Anton Buthelezi (Executive Manager: Harmony Gold), Natascha Viljoen (CEO: Anglo Plats) and Bernard Swanepoel (Non-Executive Director on various boards, including Omnia) will participate to bring a CEO-Senior Executive perspective for the HR fraternity in the resources sector.

Topics will include:

  • The New World of Work: Implications for The Resources Industry
  • People Centered Modernisation – Particularly for The Social Good
  • Revisiting The Employee Value Proposition to Attract and Retain Scarce Talent, Including Women, Millennials and Gen Z
  • Achieving ER/IR Stability with Longer Term Agreements
  • Aligning Culture and Leadership Programs to Corporate Strategy – The Harmony Case Study
  • Making DEI Work Throughout the Resources Industry
  • HR’s New Agenda in a Post Covid-19, Increasingly Digitised World of Work with a Growing Need to Integrate ESG Priorities
  • Continuous Upskilling and Reskilling of Talent in This Changing World of Work
  • And more!

Who should attend?

  • Human resources managers
  • HR executives
  • Talent managers
  • Learning and development executives
  • HR consultants in financial services industry
  • Employee wellbeing and wellness officers
  • OD practitioners
  • Leadership development specialists
  • Personnel services officers




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