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16 Aug 2022


All Day



Engagement for a hybrid work culture Workshop – Johannesburg

16 August | In Person Workshop

Many organisations are grappling with  the need for dramatic changes (corporate culture and leadership) as result of the hybrid workplace.  Employees have made it clear they desire the flexibility to work from home, and is partly the driving force behind the Great Resignation. Nurturing a hybrid workplace demands new insights and approaches  if you wish to attract and retain a motivated, engaged and resilient workforce. This new(ish) way of working will require a flexible, experimental perspective allied to a deep wisdom regarding people drivers and this new context. If navigated successfully the Great Resignation can transformed into the Big Reset by progressive organisations, where employee and employers deeper needs are more closely aligned.

Are you ready for a serious rethink, because our context has changed significantly over the last 5 years! Three crucial contextual drivers are:

  • Hyper-adaptability: Uptick in big black swan shocks: Riots in SA, water crisis in Cape Town, State Capture reports, rolling blackouts – Eskom, Brexit, Covid-19 pandemic and hybrid workplace etc.
  • Burnout and disconnection: burnout has risen from 18% in 2019 to 29% in 2020 (Gallup study), we need wellbeing sustainability if we wish to stay high performing.
  • Inclusiveness: #metoo, Black Lives Matter (BLM), Fees must fall, LGBTQ+  are all requiring a greater level of connection, less marginalisation.

From these contextual drivers, two crucial dynamics have emerged that leaders and managers need to appreciate now more than ever as we enter a hybrid work context:

  1. Sustainable wellbeing AND high performance.
  2. Connecting to the most vulnerable (new starters, single parents, under-performers, people languishing/burnt out, marginalised groups).

Objectives of workshop:

  • Understanding what engagement actually is/and its drivers.
  • Provide leaders with practical tools and ideas to increase staffs engagement levels within a hybrid context .


What is covered in the workshop?

  • Science of engagement and its impact on bottom line.
  • New world of work and hybrid themes that impact engagement
  • 5 Key drivers of engagement that you need to access
  • Practical Engagement strategy for your organisation (one-pager) and tactical actions

This workshop will address two dominant themes hybrid workplace themes impacting engagement:

  • Theme one: Connecting with the most vulnerable (newbies, single working parents, under-performers, burnt out people)
    • Empathy is your Kryptonite. Compassion is your superpower.
    • Compassion habits for leaders.
    • Hybrid work environment – factors to consider.


  • Theme two: Sustainable performance and wellbeing
    • Creating comprehensive wellbeing at 3 levels
    • 6 Organisational burnout factors that overwhelm your people


  • Leaders role in engagement:
    • How best to lead in a hybrid world where engagement is crucial
      • Leading by example: 4 workplace turbo-boosters (Flow state, Strengths based focus, Job Crafting and Progress Principle)
      • Engagement action plan (One pager)


*Engagement in the context of this workshop is high discretionary effort, it is more than just personal motivation.  It is a two-way relationship between the individual and the organisation, where both parties are aligned to deliver their best.

About Facilitator

Dr Mark Orpen-Lyall, Founder and Director, SynEnergy

Dr Mark Orpen-Lyall, is a registered Organisational Psychologist, with more than 25 years in the corporate world. He completed his Ph.D in Resilience. Prior to freelance consulting (Synenergy Consulting), he set-up the HR department at Allan Gray Ltd and then ran the Organisational Development department for more than 11 years. He has also worked for Unilever and Harrods.  He has a deep interest in Human Capital-Organisational Effectiveness strategy and challenges.  He has consulted all over the world , from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa to parts of Africa. For more information on Mark go to:



Engagement for a hybrid work culture  workshop | 16 August  2022
Normal fee: R4 500

(KR members receive a 20% discount).

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