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  • Date: 27 Jul 2021
  • Time: All Day

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27 Jul 2021


All Day



Bringing Job Crafting to Life Online Workshop

Explore the science and art of job crafting to create a personalised employee experience, boost performance, engagement and well-being!

Session overview:

This highly practical and evidence-based workshop pulls together the science and research of job crafting, as well as practical tools and case studies to bring this concept to life for individuals, teams and organisations.

Job crafting encourages us to explore how we act, interact and think about our tasks, thoughts and relationships and to redesign and personalise aspects of our work in ways that foster engagement, job satisfaction, resilience and thriving. Job crafting is a research-informed and evidence-based approach and the research into this practice is compelling. Job crafting boosts innovation and agility, nurtures health and wellbeing and amplifies meaning, purpose and productivity.

The practice of job crafting is a growing field of academic study, but to date the concept and approach is largely untapped and unknown from an organisational perspective. There have been some early adopters including Google, Logitech, Burts Bees in the US, Wideroe Airlines in Norway and Connect Health and Virgin money in the UK and the University of Melbourne in Australia.  (Case studies from these organisations will be shared within the workshop.)

Job srafting enables and encourages people to bring their diverse, whole and best selves to work each day by redesigning their work in ways that fosters engagement, satisfaction, resilience and thriving.

Filled with practical job crafting strategies, studies and stories, and the latest science combined with positive business psychologists Rob Baker’s extensive research and experience, this workshop will enable leaders to learn, live, lead and embed a more personalised approach to work to create an exceptional employee experience.

This workshop shares:

  • Why we need to personalise work now more than ever,
  • How to enable people to bring their whole and best selves to work each day to help organisations thrive,
  • How to create a closer fit between the work people do and their purpose, passions and strengths,
  • How to boost creativity, curiosity and nurture a job crafting mindset within a workplace,
  • How to reframe, amplify and enrich social connections and build high quality relationships,
  • How to use job crafting to support a more personalised and tailored employee experience, and
  • How to build and craft wellbeing and resilience in work.

Job crafting is focused on enabling and encouraging individuals to maximise their diverse talents, strengths and experiences in their work. A personalised approach to work supports a number of organisational and people-focussed priorities including:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Talent management
  • Performance
  • Coaching
  • Growth and career development
  • Change and transformation
  • Creating a first-class people experience

Who should attend?

This workshop is relevant to individuals, coaches, HR professionals and people-leaders who have an interest in taking an evidenced-based, research-led and practical approach to fostering growth, performance and wellbeing within the workplace.

What will the workshop cover?

By attending this workshop you will be provided with tools, techniques and practices to:

  1. Learn why personalisation at work matters; and why it is missing from most organisations,
  2. Learn how to bring a personalised approach to work through job crafting,
  3. Apply and bring job crafting to life within organisations using a variety of tested and research informed exercises and activities,
  4. Explore how to embed job crafting within teams and organisations through a series of case studies and practical examples, and
  5. Create a job crafting mindset within individuals, teams and organisations.

After the workshop you will receive a Crafting better Work certified certificate and all the slides and additional resources.

About the Facilitator

Rob is a specialist in bringing positive psychology to life within organisations. He is the founder and Chief Positive Deviant of Tailored Thinking, a leading and award-winning evidence-based positive psychology, wellbeing and HR consultancy who were named HR Consultancy of the Year 2020 by the CIPD.

Rob is world-leading when it comes to enabling and encouraging job crafting within workplaces. He is a TEDX speaker and author of Personalization at Work by Kogan Page, a practical and evidence-informed guide to applying job crafting which was a finalist at the 2021 Business Book Awards. His work, ideas and research on how people can personalise and bring their whole and best selves to their jobs have been presented at academic and professional conferences around the globe.

Rob is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a Chartered Fellow of the Australian HR Institute. He has a first-class Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne and continues to research and collaborate with academics from the University’s Centre of Positive Psychology.

As a senior HR leader and consultant, Rob has delivered sector-leading and award-winning people initiatives and business transformation projects working with companies across various sectors.

Registration Fees (excl. VAT)

Bringing Job Crafting to Life | Online Workshop:  R2 250 .00

Minimum of 5 people per course and maximum of 25 people • Registration fee excludes VAT.


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