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05 May 2023


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Learning Technologies Online Workshop

Understanding what Learning Technologies are, how they work and their aims is the key to a successful Learning and Development practice.

This workshop will:

  • cover the latest developments in the Learning Technology space, including learning theory for technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the metaverse – all with implications for L&D;
  • assess Learning Technology to determine the appropriateness for L&D delivery;
  • guide L&D professionals to determine where their budget is best spent on technology and how to analyse the return on investment;
  • explain how to utilise Learning Technology to ensure and enhance the learning experience;
  • teach attendees how to critically assess where artificial intelligence can make a measurable difference and where it is worth investing in;
  • explain how AI can be used to boost the effectiveness of workplace learning, reduce drop-off rates in online learning and improve ROI; and
  • highlight how Learning Technology extends cognition, swings teaching to learning and enables new pedagogies.

Who should attend?

  • L&D Practitioners
  • Talent Development Officers
  • HR Practitioners
  • Consultants
  • Academics in the L&D and broader HR Field

About the Facilitator

Donald Clark
Donald Clark has over 35 years’ experience in online learning, simulations, virtual reality, mobile and artificial intelligence projects. He was a founding member of Epic Group plc and is the Founder and CEO of Wildfire Learning. He is a frequent global speaker, blogger, advisor and researcher, and is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Derby. Based in Brighton, UK, Donald Clark is the author of Artificial Intelligence for Learning and Learning Experience Design.



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