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30 - 31 Aug 2022


All Day

Designing and Managing Hybrid Workplaces Second Annual Conference

Hybrid work is here to stay. Business Day recently reported that the International Workplace Group (one of the world’s largest workplace networks) established that 90% of business leaders indicated they are opting for hybrid working. That trend is confirmed by a recent report by The Economist indicating that 75% of their survey respondents indicated flexible work models will become standard practice.

“Much of the hype around hybrid work appears justified. Survey results and expert interviews all indicate that the shift to flexible work models is rapid and broad-based, and is having clear impacts on everything from individual well-being to productivity” (The Economist, May 2022)

This year’s conference had been carefully researched to bring delegates the latest thinking, research, best practices and case studies related to hybrid working. The conference also has a strong international speaker component. For example: Prof Anna Tavis from New York University and author of Humans at Work: The Art and Practice of Creating the Hybrid Workplace; Suzy Jearum, Associate Director of Employee Experience and Coca-Cola Empower Partners.

One has to accept that hybrid work is still in its infancy and numerous challenges and uncertainties remain. For example:

  • The increased number of variables increase the complexity factor. HR Departments and the other stakeholders within the organisation will have to be very intentional in designing and continuously modifying Hybrid working practices.
  • Prof Lynda Gratton cautions hybrid work arrangements should never replicate existing bad practices – as was the case when companies began automating work processes decades ago.
  • What work needs to be synchronous and asynchronous?
  • Breaking free from 9-5 culture.
  • How do you sustain productivity without employee burnout?
  • Balancing Autonomy and Structure.
  • How do leaders have to change their leadership styles in the hybrid environment?
  • How will companies change their onboarding programs?
  • Reinventing the Talent Management Chain.
  • How do you create a Results-only Work-Environment?
  • How do you select and harness the best technology and tools to drive efficient and effective hybrid working?


The KR Designing and Managing Hybrid Workplaces Conference will explore crucial issues such as:

  • Creating the Human Centric Organisation amid the digitisation of work and distributed workplaces.
  • How to maintain optimal productivity for virtual employees.
  • How to create high-performance teams in a hybrid environment.
  • Making sense of the increased complexity levels emanating from a hybrid workplace.
  • Building corporate culture that creates a sense of purpose and belonging.
  • Rethinking people strategies in terms of talent management, diversity and inclusion, learning and development, etc.
  • Promoting employee wellbeing in the new hybrid work environment.
  • Leadership challenges in the hybrid world.
  • Select and Harness the Best Tech and Tools to Drive Efficient and Effective Hybrid Working.
  • Learn from the leaders of organisations who have implemented Hybrid workplaces.
  • HR’s role in making Hybrid work optimally.
  • Upskilling and Reskilling of Employees for the New Hybrid Environment.
  • Reinventing Talent Management.
  • Creating a performance management culture of results only work environment.
  • Various Case Studies will be featured for example: JSE, Coca-Cola and IQ Business.


  • CEOs
  • HR Directors and CHROs
  • HR executives and HRBPs
  • Talent management professionals
  • OD and change managers
  • Organisational Effectiveness managers
  • Personnel Services managers
  • Facilities managers
  • Office Planners
  • Consultants
  • Researchers and Academics


“What an amazing conference! One of the best I’ve attended recently. Well done KR!”

“A very big congratulations for a world-class conference. The local and international insights were very insightful.”

“The conference was amazing, the speakers were very knowledgeable and all the topics were spot on, I have learnt so much.”

“Awesome 2 days, great info to start creating a new model.”

“A very insightful 2 days – very thought provoking and great speakers.”

“Thank you for putting together this insightful conference. It has been inspiring and motivating!”

This conference also features a pre-conference workshop: New World of Work – How to set your team up for success Workshop


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