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Katie Van Der Schyff
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27 Oct 2022


9:00 am - 1:00 pm



Master your thesis – Proven strategies and methods Online Workshop

Submit your thesis and get your life back!

Do you feel overwhelmed by your thesis? If you are experiencing anxiety, procrastination and a lack of motivation, this half-day workshop: Master your thesis – Proven strategies and methods is for you! Join us on 3 August 2022 as Caroline Dale, an expert on coaching students through the postgraduate journey, takes us through her step-by-step process to get you over the finishing line. It’s time to get your life back— today!

There are over 100,000 students currently completing their Masters and PhD studies in Southern Africa, yet statistics have shown that many will fail to complete their studies in time. Caroline Dale, a seasoned thesis coach, developed the Dale-Method to equip the student with practical tools to gain and maintain momentum to successfully complete their post graduate thesis with flying colours.

After graduating her own MPhil with distinction at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), Caroline used her many years of corporate project management experience, her knowledge of the post-graduate process and a synthesis of unique methodology to develop a roadmap to academic success: “The Dale Method”.

Unpack the practical tools embedded in the Dale Method at the KR hosted, half-day workshop with Caroline Dale and get your thesis unstuck. We hope to see you there!


  1. Provides a deeper understanding of the power of planning and timelines.
  • Learn how to segment your thesis project into logical, discrete, constituent parts in terms of “The Dale Method “and arrange them in order of priority.
  • Allocate realistic timelines for each segment of the project and thus the thesis as a whole.
  1. Offers a proven approach that enables you to connect in a meaningful and effective way with your supervisor.
  2. Provides the opportunity to acknowledge the significance of your topic choice.
  3. Recognise the importance of complying with the specific structural and format requirements of your chosen academic institution.
  4. Instils a determination to develop effective habits and hence maintain higher levels of confidence and motivation.
  5. Assists with the management of setbacks and imperfection via perseverance and tenacity, the ability to dig deep when the going gets rough.
  6. Thoughts on the collection and analysis of your data.
  7. Highlights the importance of avoiding the almost impossible stresses of an extension.
  8. A workshop to facilitate personal and professional growth.

About The Facilitator

Caroline Dale is the founder and CEO of The Thesis Coach. Caroline holds a BA Hons Psychology (Unisa), BA Psychology (cum laude) (Unisa), PGDip Addiction Care (Stellenbosch), and an MPhil Management Coaching from the University of Stellenbosch Business School for which she achieved a cum laude for her thesis. Caroline developed THE DALE METHOD from proven management techniques; several tertiary qualifications in psychology and evidenced based coaching theory. Caroline has over 1,000 hours coaching experience since 2014. Since 2018, as an academic performance and thesis coach: 90% of the students she coached graduated and a high number with distinction.

Order your copy of Caroline Dale’s book: Master Your Thesis: Proven Strategies and Methods

For more details or to order the book you can click HERE
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Registration Fees (excl. VAT)

Master your thesis – Proven strategies and methods Online Workshop
Normal fee:  R1 500.00






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