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Katie Van Der Schyff
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26 Oct 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm



Authentic Leadership Effectiveness (ALE) Online Workshop – for Senior or Executive Leaders


Do you as a senior or executive leader at times feel that the uncertainty in the organisational world of today can squeeze the self out of the self?

Authentic Leadership, a leadership by presence and beyond position, can be defined as being true to self, and true to one’s leadership purpose, with a strong moral underpinning, for the greater good of all that we serve. To develop such leadership, both individually and collectively, we need to be self-aware, both of who we are and how we have become so, in order to understand the internal compass that drives us, consciously or unconsciously. We need to understand how that internal compass can be strengthened to support us in who we need to be as senior or executive Authentic Leaders. Once self-aware, a strong and moral internal compass allows us to self-regulate our decisions and behaviours so that we can steer True North, in this case during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, and through doing so, influence the systems we form part of, to do the same.

This is beautifully illustrated in a quote ‘…And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same’ from Marianne Williamson in her poem ‘A return to love. This is how we can shift, as Otto Scharmer calls it, from ego- to eco-centric.

In this two-hour Masterclass you will get an understanding of why the need for Authentic Leadership, what it is, and how sustainable Authentic Leadership Effectiveness can be developed in senior or executive leaders. This virtual or face-to-face Masterclass is a very effective way to gauge the need and appetite for the enhancement of senior or executive leadership effectiveness in any organisation.


Whether facilitated virtually or face-to-face, these Masterclasses are very interactive. We explore together what the challenges that senior or executive organisational leaders face, what AL means, and how it can enhance leadership effectiveness. We learn what the process of enhancing authentic leadership involves, through the lens of self-leadership, followed by people- and organisational leadership. We explore how our internal compasses and effectiveness charters can be built, against which we can self-regulate ourselves in order to keep ‘True North’; not only in calm waters but also in stormy weather. We further explore the effect of AL on trust in self, trust between self and others, and on team leadership effectiveness.

Some feedback from AL Masterclasses: Fantastic session; Very valuable; Thank you; Really enjoyed these sessions; Thank you Tineke – very insightful; great session loved it. need more 😊; Thank you very much Tineke Wulffers for sharing such wonderful knowledge with us 😊 !!!

Who should attend!

  • Senior and executive leaders who wish to explore how to lead effectively at their highest potential, especially in times of uncertainty and stormy weather;

This could also apply to (and further AL Masterclasses are available for):

  • Women in leadership positions, feeling challenged to lead “in a man’s world”;
  • Leaders who wish to influence 360o; Leaders who wish to lead beyond position and by presence;
  • Leaders that know that there is more to them than they currently reflect in their environment
  • Younger leaders and high potentials who wish to grow into their next level of leadership;
  • Leaders wanting to create an environment that embraces belonging, inclusion and diversity;

How you will benefit

  • Understand the value of positive leadership effectiveness;
  • Understand what Authentic Leadership is, and what it is not;
  • Learn how Authentic Leadership enhances trust in self;
  • Learn how Authentic Leadership enhances trust between self and others;
  • Learn how Authentic Leadership enhances leadership effectiveness in individuals and teams;
  • Learn how one develops an Internal Compass against which to self-regulate towards Sustainable Authentic Leadership Effectiveness;
  • Learn how to develop your organisation’s systemic True North, to remain relevant and future-fit in a post-Covid19 World;



Dr Tineke Wulffers
Dr Tineke Wulffers divides her time between her practitioner and academic work. She is the director of the Moya Institute of Authentic Leadership Effectiveness. Tineke facilitates individual and team systemic authentic leadership effectiveness and executive coaching journeys mainly at senior and executive organisational levels. She also trains leaders how to use coaching in their interactions with others.

As an academic, she is affiliated with the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) and Wits Business School (WBS) where she lectures on the topic of the development of ALE, and she supervises and examines the work of post-graduate students. She obtained her PhD in Personal and Professional Leadership at the University of Johannesburg (SA), and completed her Masters (cum laude) in Professional Coaching through Middlesex University (UK).

She is the author of the book entitled Authentic Leadership Effectiveness for Individuals and Teams – A Coaching Approach (2017).

Registration Fees (excl. VAT)

Authentic Leadership Effectiveness (ALE) Masterclass – for Senior and/or Executive Leaders | Online Workshop:  R995 .00

Minimum of 5 people per course and maximum of 25 people • Registration fee excludes VAT.




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