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11 Feb 2022


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The People Excellence Star Online Workshop 2022


In the disruptive innovation, ideas-experience-based economy, people are the only true value unlockers and wealth creators in organisations. Strategically knowing the state of one’s organisation’s People Excellence – the ‘people creditworthiness’ of one’s organisation – has become a mission-critical imperative for every organisation in emerging, new order.

Purpose of the Workshop

To explicate a strategic organisational stress test of the people creditworthiness of the organisation, indicative of its People Excellence.

Workshop Programme

The integrated stress test takes the form of a People Excellence Star, consisting of five People Excellence Domains, made up 20 Excellence Elements. The Domains are: Identity, Capacity, Delivery, Outcomes, and Relationships. The respective strategic thrusts of the respective Domains are: Identity: Strategic Positioning; Capacity: Potentiality; Delivery: Value Unlocking; Outcomes: Wealth Created; and Relationships: Reputation.

Benefits of attending

  • Cutting edge thinking and doing
    Discover the best thought-leadership, latest research, and cutting-edge practices regarding People Excellence
  • New world of work
    Strategically frame and position People Excellence in the new world of work
  • A strategic organisational approach
    Understand how to stress test in an integrated manner the people creditworthiness of your organisation
  • Hands on
    Be capacitated to enable the unleashing the synergistic fusion of lasting People Excellence within your organisation

Expected Outcome

Participants will be capacitated to apply the strategic organisational stress test of people creditworthiness in their own organisations.  They will also do a high-level stress test of their own organisation

Target audience

Senior Organisational Effectiveness Practitioners; Executives; Senior Managers

Additional Bonus

A free e-copy of Theo H Veldsman’s book: The People Excellence Star. A strategic organisational stress test on which the workshop is based.

About the Facilitator


Theo is regarded as one of the thought leaders in South Africa and beyond with respect to people management and the psychology of work.  Over many years he has demonstrated his ongoing ability to pro-actively identify emerging people and leadership needs and arrive at fit-for-purpose, innovative solutions that are simultaneously theoretically and practically sound.  He has a proven ability to move seamlessly between theory and practice, and vice versa.

Over his career of 35 years, he has straddled the academic and practice worlds seamlessly. He refers to himself as a pracademic.  His primary fields of expertise are:  people strategy; organisational (re)design; leadership/management; large scale organisational change; and strategic talent management.

He is the author of nearly 220 technical/ consulting reports/articles, covering the abovementioned areas.  He has (co-)authored 45 accredited articles, four books, 17 book chapters, and co-edited six books. A book on the People Excellence Star is due to be published during August 2021.

After his retirement in 2016 as Professor, and Head of Department (since 2008) of the Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management (IPPM), University of Johannesburg, he was appointed as Visiting Professor to the Department. He is also an Extra-ordinary Professor at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. He has led the profession of Psychology and Industrial Psychology nationally as President on several occasions.

Registration Fees (excl. VAT)

The People Excellence Star | Online Workshop:  R2 250 .00

Minimum of 5 people per course and maximum of 25 people • Registration fee excludes VAT.






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