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17 Aug 2022


All Day



Resilient Organisations: Building a thriving workplace (Workshop) – Johannesburg

17 August | In Person Workshop

Resilience is a company’s capacity to absorb stress, anticipate, prepare for, respond, adapt and recover from sudden change and disruption and thrive in new circumstances.  It is not merely an operational consideration it should be a strategic priority. Having strong organisational resilience can help not only to persevere in the face of adversity, but also adapt, rebound and prosper. Over the last couple of years with the pandemic, natural disasters, and the war, business leaders have been reminded repeatedly of the interconnectedness and unpredictability of businesses, economies, and societies. It is not surprising that resilience has skyrocketed to the top of many leader’s agenda.  We saw during Covid, more resilient organisations had better outcome and even new innovations.  It is time that organisations and leaders look to lessons they have learnt from the past and improve their resilience. True organisational resilience is about uncovering value and dynamically shifting business focus to address the market. Resilience requires both speed and agility.

Objective of the workshop

Proactively identify resilience challenges and build a thriving work environment


  • Introduction
  • Business case for resilience
  • 3-tiered solution (Individual, team and organisational resilience)
  • 2 unexpected resilience saboteurs’ that we promote
  • Individual Resilience
  • Key signposts to watch in employees/self
  • Synergistix resilience approach (long-term)
  • 4 Navy Seals resilience techniques (short-term)
  • Personal resilience action plan
  • Future fit skillset
  • Team Resilience
  • High performing team characteristics
  • Extreme cost of toxicity
  • Psychological safety: what it is/isn’t and how to measure it
  • Core components of psychological safety
  • Leading for psychological safety – 3 tools
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Contagion effect and how to break the downward spiral
  • 6 organisational factors leading to burnout, action plans to mitigate
  • Progress principle as a leadership imperative
  • Integrated corporate response to building resilience as a capability
  • Resilience offerings for staff
  • Embedding
  • Be vigilant, know what to look for in terms of warning signs in team they lead
  • Coach staff that might be at risk for unhealthy stress, burnout, workaholism, etc
  • Be a role model and lead by example by actioning own personal resilience plan
  • Create psychological safety so the team becomes a buffer in difficult times
  • Architect the environment to moderate unnecessary organisational burnout factor


Who should attend?

Leaders, managers, HR, OD, and Wellness employees

About Facilitator

Dr Mark Orpen-Lyall, Founder and Director, SynEnergy

Dr Mark Orpen-Lyall, is a registered Organisational Psychologist, with more than 25 years in the corporate world. He completed his Ph.D in Resilience. Prior to freelance consulting (Synenergy Consulting), he set-up the HR department at Allan Gray Ltd and then ran the Organisational Development department for more than 11 years. He has also worked for Unilever and Harrods.  He has a deep interest in Human Capital-Organisational Effectiveness strategy and challenges.  He has consulted all over the world , from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa to parts of Africa. For more information on Mark go to:



Engagement for a hybrid work culture  workshop | 17 August  2022
Normal fee: R4 500

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