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08 Mar 2022


All Day



The Future of Leadership Workshop

Most of us have spent a lot of time alone, working remotely, often with high levels of stress and anxiety. We know that remote working is here to stay and that  we need to adapt, cope and thrive during these times.  Very few of us has received support to know how to work remotely, to manage our work and ourselves, let alone a team.  Leaders needed to adapt from leading in person to leading online and virtual intelligence has become essential. The virtual environment (and all the technologies that support it) has created a new condition and perspective for leadership and for teamwork. Leadership is now more than ever, a social influencing process, supported by technology, to produce changes in attitudes, thinking, behaviour, feelings and performance of individuals and teams. Now moving from virtual to hybrid where people move between the office and home, it makes more challenges for leaders – managing and leading a hybrid team will be different to managing/leading either a team in office or a team working remotely.

With this in mind, we invite leaders to join us for a workshop that offers a practical guide for to staying connected, focussed and productive in this new world of working.  The workshop address three main themes including Virtual leadership, Virtual Intelligence and leading hybrid teams.

What will be covered?

  • The need for a 6th Intelligence in Covid times;
  • What is Virtual Intelligence;
  • 4 Domains of Virtual Intelligence;
  • How Leadership has changed – what is necessary for these times;
  • Components of Virtual Leadership;
  • What does a Virtual Team need;
  • Virtual Contract- creating Psychological safety;
  • Difference in Leadership style: Virtual vs Hybrid;
  • Challenges of a Hybrid Team;
  • Building a self- directed Team;
  • Future Forward: beyond Resilience.

About Facilitator

Hanrie Fridjhon

Hanrie Fridjhon, is passionate about communication and brands herself a compulsive reader with a curious disposition.  She has an M.Phil in Management Coaching, a B.Prim (Art).  She is also an accredited Enneagram Coach and is the owner/founder of Pro-Active Communications

Hanrie designs and facilitates a wide range of workshops for her clients, most of which focus on “soft” or human skills, to align business and people strategies.  Hanrie specialises in communication, inspires teams and people strategies .  Hanrie specialises in communication, inspires teams and individuals to grow through facilitation of interactive workshops and business coaching.

She designs facilitates and coaches these skills to all levels in organisations (individuals, teams, organisation-wide), ranging from business writing, time and stress management, conflict resolution, managing change, leadership, team building, mental strength/resilience, psychological safety, Future-fit leadership and mentorship.  She runs the University of Stellenbosch session zoom class sessions on communications with a special focus on virtual leadership skills amongst others.  Her “super power” is her ability to connect with people through most channels of communication.



(Early bird special If you register and pay by 15 December 2021)

Option A: 8 March 2022 | Workshop 1 or 2 (R2 800 ex vat, early bird R2 380 excl. vat)

Option B: 9-10 March 2022 | Two-day conference (R7 500 ex vat, early bird R6 375 excl. vat)

Option C: 8-10 March 2022 | Three days (R8 800 ex vat, early bird R7 480 excl. vat)

Option D: 9 March 2022 only – Day one only (R3 850 ex vat, early bird R3 275 excl. vat)

Option E: 10 March 2022 only | Day two only (R3 850 ex vat, early bird R3 275 excl. vat)







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