About the Book

“While we navigate our way through this crisis, sometimes, hope is all we have. And yet, in its ability to inspire change and offer opportunity where once there was only uncertainty, there’s no doubt of hope’s immense and unfailing power.”

2020… the year that was supposed to be 20plenty.

For many people 2020, was going to be the year. 2020 – perfect vision, perfect time… it was a time to shine.

January was filled with strategy meetings, vision workshops, 5-year plans and most businesses and entrepreneurs were ready.

February came and the rumours were mounting… there was a virus, a new and dangerous virus… a Coronavirus – they called it Covid-19.

Overnight, restaurants turned into soup kitchens, businesses turned to making protective products, if you had a sewing machine you made masks, alcohol you made hand sanitizers, conference centres and hotels turned into hospitals, businesses had to transform – it was time to adapt or die.

HOPE STORIES is a collection of short stories about ordinary people who did extraordinary things in these uncertain times.

Their stories will inspire you to innovate and prosper, think forward and find a way to triumph over adversity.

7 Key



  • Stay purpose driven

  • How to thrive instead of survive

  • Constantly build yourself up

  • See past the crisis

  • How to pivot strategically

  • Become an ideas machine

  • Altruism is alive and well

Chapters covered in the book include:

Chapter 1 Passion – Live the Life you were Meant to

  • Humble Servant of the People : Dr Anwar Kharwa, Hospital of Hope
  • The Nine Million Rand Miracle : Glynne Wolman, Angel Network
  • Seva : Daniele Diliberto, Ladles of Love
  • And Justice For All : Karen Breytenbach, Soupa Group

Chapter 2 Credibility & Purpose – Build your Brand

  • From The Ground Up : Grant Doubell, GroundUp
  • Better Together : Tamburai Chirume, OneofEach
  • Know Your Purpose : Wesley Fredericks, Red & Yellow
  • Putting Customers First : Mpho Mohaswa, Precious & Pearl

Chapter 3 Action – Back Yourself and do Whatever it Takes

  • Message In a Bottle : Vincent Viviers & Enrico Ferigolli, Bottles
  • The Unlikely Entrepreneur : Jessica Boonstra, Yebo Fresh
  • Start Marching : Roger & Matthew Fitzsimons, Happy Hygiene
  • The Hustle is Real : Dustin Botha, Luksbrands

Chapter 4 Love what you do – Innovate and Prosper

  • DIY To AR : Vusani Ravele, Native Décor
  • On the Frontline : Dr Jedd Meyers, Rafeea Peer & Ntombizodwa Nyoni, HealthInsite
  • Find a Better Way : Alon Sachs, Mobelli
  • Look Good, Feel Good : Takura Chimbuya & Vizolet Kuwanda, Brothers Beard

Chapter 5 Think forward – Adapt or Die

  • #EntrepreneursStayAlive : Andile Khumalo, I am an Entrepreneur
  • Always Making a Mark : Mark Sham, Suits & Sneakers
  • Be The Change : Musa Kalenga, Brave Group
  • Formula Of Excel-lence : Dan Stillerman, Excel Academy

Chapter 6 Courage – Triumph over Adversity

  • Phoenix Rising : Kate Shepherd, Something Different
  • Dig Deep : Renshia Manuel, Growbox
  • Not All Angels Have Wings : Dr Angelique Marie Levy Oliveira
  • Isolation Realisation : Alison McCutcheon, Ladles of Love

Chapter 7 Wisdom – Make a Difference

  • Ubuntu : Kim Whitaker, Ubuntu Beds
  • A Humbling Experience : Guy Cluver, Bellevue Cafe
  • Heart For People : Cindy Norcott, Robin Hood Foundation

Over the Rainbow Team

Lesley Waterkeyn

Lesley is passionate about unlocking the potential of South Africa’s young people. She is also the co-founder of Over the Rainbow, a social enterprise that empowers young entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and connections that will enable them to succeed. Amongst many other accolades, Lesley is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur.

Sandy Van Dijk

Sandy is COO of Over the Rainbow, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs. Founded with her sister, Lesley they have written a book called The Entrepreneurs Playbook. The book aims to inspire entrepreneurs by changing their ‘what if’s into how to’s,’ sustain their businesses and achieve success.

Dawn Nathan-Jones

Dawn Nathan-Jones is a renowned South African entrepreneur, multiple award-winning business leader and a professional speaker. Her legacy lies in her role as one of the early pioneers of the Imperial Car Rental company, known more recently as Europcar. She spent over three decades building this fledging car rental business with her two colleagues.

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