As a leading provider of business knowledge and resources serving numerous organisations across Southern Africa, we are proud to announce the inaugural KR’s 25 Most Influential HR Professionals List 2023.

This list aims to honour and acknowledge the distinguished contributors and innovators within the HR community.

We extend an invitation to you to nominate individuals who have made remarkable contributions and demonstrated significant influence within the expansive HR domain. Our search encompasses a broad spectrum of individuals, including exceptional HR department leaders, esteemed academics in HR, thought-leading authors who enrich the HR knowledge base, and trailblazing researchers and consultants fostering the evolution of the HR profession.

The final selection of these 25 influential individuals, who have made a substantial impact on the world of work, will be meticulously chosen by KR’s panel of experts. The nominees will be announced at the KR HR Summit on 22 November 2023.

To nominate a candidate for the KR’s 25 Most Influential HR Professionals List 2023, please complete this form in its entirety. Nominations are welcomed from individuals, teams, or organisations. Please remember to use a separate form for each nomination. Also, note that each person is permitted to make up to five nominations.

Nominations close on 3 November 2023.

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Thank you for your participation.

(Note: All information provided will be treated as confidential and used only for the purpose of these awards)