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KR equips executives and organisations with knowledge and tools

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As an integrated business and management content provider, our purpose is to make sense of present and future challenges in the world of work. Identifying trends and facilitate the necessary knowledge and skills relevant to thriving in the world of work.

In doing so:

  • Enhance the investment in human capital
  • Improve labour productivity
  • Create more employment
  • Improve economic growth potential
  • Create a more sustainable society

Discover insights, practical tools and collaborate with highly skilled professionals to achieve your personal and organisation goals

Seek proven guidance in a disruptive world of work


Experience a fresh platform to further your development in business and learn from industry leaders as they share their knowledge and practical applications through our online conferences, seminars and workshops

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Invest in continued learning and development with business books, featuring a wealth of information to keep you on track and geared for a changing world of work

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Enjoy access to unrivaled market knowledge along with practical support for continuous professional development and become integrated into a large network of like-minded professionals through our Communities of Practice

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Achieve your professional and organisational goals with access to 250+ eBooks on a single platform! Get answers to your most pressing challenges with insights from respected thought-leaders

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