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Organisational Development

Transforming work, evolving culture and leveraging technology

A new way of working is upon us. Covid-19 has forced most organisations around the world to adopt remote and hybrid working – what was once vehemently opposed by some organisations has become the modus operandi. Those that said it would never work, found that when forced, they had to make it work!

Annual OD Conference

Organisations today exist in a complex, intricately networked world full of greater uncertainty than at any other time in the business world. Without direction, values or purpose, and without the capability to change continuously, organisations who do not respond to customer demands, market changes, regulatory mandates, and digital disruptions will soon become fatigued and dispirited. Organisational leadership must be prepared to respond accordingly. Each year the OD conference addresses where OD is going, and provides a platform to suggest ways to leverage the relevance, influence and impact of the OD profession in the new world of work.


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