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Would you like to speak at one of our conferences or facilitate a workshop?

We are continuously looking for new speakers and facilitators that are geared with current, innovative material that reflects the fresh vision we exude for the world of work.

Our portfolio of speakers and facilitators, local and international, include some of the major business leaders today.


HR professionals need to transform and reposition themselves to be able to focus on high value-added services to the business. HR needs to evolve and be accepted as a business partner which has a comprehensive understanding of the organisation’s big picture.

Some of our annual HR events:

  • HR Directors Conference
  • HR Business Partner National Conference
  • Organisational Development Conference
  • Online and E-learning Conference
  • Employee Engagement Conference
  • The Future of Work Conference
  • Learning and Development Conference
  • Annual HR and Labour Market Trends Seminar


Upskilling and adapting in a changing world.

L&D is a critical function and the role of L&D is more important than ever by helping to accelerate an organisation’s ability to overcome challenges, drive impact and change in times of great disruption. Upskilling and reskilling are foundational priorities that will strengthen companies to ensure they are prepared to bounce back and survive during difficult times.


Today’s organisations need more leadership capabilities and the way to ensure this is by doing a better job at developing leaders! The success of any organisation rests upon the quality of its future leaders – make sure you have the necessary tools to develop your leadership pipeline.


Coaching and mentoring are being used more than ever to improve performance. Coaching and mentoring are also increasingly used to improve employee engagement. It is also viewed as a key part of learning and talent development in just over two-fifths of organisations. Join us for our Coaching and Mentoring Conference which features leading experts within the field of Coaching and Mentoring –  individuals from various organisations, consulting firms, academic institutions, and more!


Organisations today exist in a complex, intricately networked world full of greater uncertainty than at any other time in the business world.

Without direction, values or purpose, and without the capability to change continuously, organisations who do not respond to customer demands, market changes, regulatory mandates, and digital disruptions will soon become fatigued and dispirited.

Organisational leadership must be prepared to respond accordingly.

Each year the OD conference addresses where OD is going, and provides a platform to suggest ways to leverage the relevance, influence and impact of the OD profession in the new world of work.


The Annual Talent conference is dedicated to uncovering new and effective talent management methods from talent acquisition, onboarding, talent development, engagement and retention right through to succession planning.

With a fast-paced mix of engaging presentations, peer-to-peer discussions and a great networking platform, the conference offers a highly interactive dynamic career experience for all Talent professionals and equips them with tools to level up their Talent Strategy.


In order to protect and promote the mental health of employees, employers will need to put into place programmes to ensure that mental health problems are recognised early and treated effectively. We aim to empower and educate managers, HR practitioners and employers across the spectrum with the insights, evidence and practical tools to better manage mental health in the workplace.


Diversity and inclusion is a critical component of a thriving organisational culture. From age to disability, sexual orientation to gender, and race to religion – having a solid diversity and inclusion policy in place is as important as ever! We know that embracing diversity and inclusion is good for business and should be a top priority for organisations as it can enhance engagement, innovation and company performance. BUT Diversity and Inclusion doesn’t just happen, it is an intentional journey. As an HR professional, it’s your job to create an environment conducive to the different experiences and perspectives among the workforce to attract and retain talent and remain competitive in the industries in which you do business.


Industrial and workplace relations is a highly complex area, especially following the COVID-19 outbreak. Significant changes have taken place throughout the organisation (ranging from remote and flexible work practices to greater automation and even employee mental health issues). It’s critical for HR and IR/ER professionals to understand the implications of the current environment.

Professional Requirements

  • Degree +
  • Diploma +
  • Senior manager/director within an organisation
  • Published books and/or articles with recognised publisher/magazine etc.
  • Excellent track record in respective field
  • Current, high-quality workshop/presentation content

Our objective is to provide speakers and facilitators with honest and constructive feedback from delegates attending our conferences, seminars and workshops. This has proven extremely useful for enhancing presentations. Should you be interested in speaking at a conference/seminar or facilitating a KR workshop, please submit the following information to us.

  • CV with experience and qualifications
  • Course content
  • References
  • List of clients

Your speaker submission will be reviewed by the KR Conference Management Team and Head of department.

This will be further evaluated and selected based on your individual speaker and professional qualifications, as well as relevance to the topics KR presents.

We will notify you by personal email from a Conference Management team member if your proposed topic is accepted.


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