4–6 June 2024 | The Hilton, Sandton, Johannesburg



Annual Conference 2024

Thriving in Complexity: Strategies for Supporting Employee Development



In an era characterised by unprecedented global shifts, the Learning and Development (L&D) function confronts escalating challenges within dynamic landscapes. The 2023 Learning and Development Conference unveiled transformative opportunities emerging amid uncertainties, establishing a foundation for the evolution of the L&D role.

As we step into the 2024 Learning and Development Conference, we will advance beyond merely linking employees to learning opportunities. Progressive L&D functions are now pioneering in empowering individuals to thrive and develop. The pervasive impact of digitisation and automation has underscored the imperative for a skills-based approach to organisational and individual development. Recognising this, thriving companies underscore the vital role of supporting employee development in retaining top talent and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Gartner’s 2024 report accentuates the top three strategic priorities for Learning and Development leaders as: Leader and manager development; L&D design and delivery; and skills and growth needs identification. These priorities are driven by an evolving employee-employer relationship, skills shortages, transformative technology, and the pursuit of efficiency.

Why should you attend?

  • Explore real-world solutions to pressing L&D challenges, shedding light on how your peers are adapting and planning for the future.
  • Participate in a powerful, two-day exchange of ideas, sharing insights and exploring the construction of sustainable and relevant learning experiences, tailored to the needs of a rapidly evolving workforce.
  • Engage in the dialogues that will shape the future of Learning and Development.
  • Hear from leading local and international speakers and companies – the conference will feature a plethora of sessions with over 30 speakers across two days.
  • Expand your professional network in person! Forge connections and exchange knowledge with other senior L&D leaders from across Africa.
  • Focus on your personal development – this event represents a concentrated, efficient opportunity to convene with peers and explore what is new in the industry. Dedicate two days to forward-thinking engagement with your L&D objectives.
  • Engage in a blend of presentations, discussions, and round-table conversations. You will have ample opportunity to be involved, share your perspectives, and ask your questions.
  • Learn from case studies and shared experiences! Discover what other organisations have learned and are planning. Draw inspiration from fellow professionals and industry leaders worldwide in knowledge creation and exchange.
  • Discover new products and services within our intimate exhibition space, intentionally designed to encourage networking and meaningful conversations. This will not be an overwhelming trade show focused on sales pitches. Instead, engage with hand-picked exhibitors ready to provide solutions that enhance the productivity of you and your organisation.
  • Participate in hands-on, skill-enhancement workshops that offer practical tools for immediate implementation. Our sessions are designed to be interactive, ensuring personalised attention and effective learning (Limited seating available).

Who should attend?

Senior leaders responsible for learning and talent development strategies, such as:

  •  Heads of Learning, Leadership, and Talent Development

  •  Training Managers and Directors

  •  Heads of Leadership Development

  •  L&D Managers/Directors

  •  eLearning Managers

  •  Skills Development Managers

  •  Facilitators, Mentors, Corporate Trainers, and Coaches

  •  Talent Managers

  •  Organisational Capacity Managers

  •  Education Managers

  •  Training and Education Consultants

  •  Instructional Designers

  •  Chief People Officers (CPOs)/HR Directors/HR Managers

  • Change Managers

  • Corporate University Managers

  • eLearning Consultants

Empowering Growth, Unleashing Performance

Below is a quick summary of the topics across the two day agenda

Balancing Artificial Intelligence and Human Ingenuity in Learning and Development

Dr Philippa Hardman, Affiliate Scholar at the University of Cambridge, Learning Scientist and Creator of DOMSTM (UK)

Navigating the Skills Challenge

Dumisani Kala, Head Learning and Development, Barloworld Equipment
Ruth Klix, Head of Talent Management & Acquisition, Learning & Development, Nestlé East & Southern Africa Region

Exploring Innovative Approaches in Marketing Learning and Development

Suretha Esterhuysen, Head of Learning and Development, Telesure Investment Holdings (TIH)
Sharidan Kothiah, Team Leader: Learning and Development, Telesure Investment Holdings (TIH)

Boosting Leadership Development Through Personal Mastery

Shervarni Govender, Executive: People and Culture, LegalWise South Africa

Designing Virtual Learning Spaces for an Enhanced Educational Journey

Ester Watson, Head: Learning Design and Implementation (DM) – Discovery Institute of Training, Discovery Group

Optimising your Learning and Development Budget for Maximum Impact

The Mindset Awakening: The Influence of Mindset on Learning, Development, Performance and Wellbeing

Frank de Beer, Director, The Arbinger Institute SA

Fostering Effective Learning Outcomes: Collaboration Between Consultants and In-House Learning Specialists

Tanith Mohale, Workflow Learning and Performance Consultant, Fuse Universal

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology for Advanced Learning and Developments

Theodore Aaron, Head: Learning and Development, Specialist Skills, Standard Bank Group

Captivating Learners Through Innovative Coaching Techniques

Clare Kampel, Learning and Development: Senior Manager, Platinum Life

Learning Metrics: How to Measure the Impact of Organisational Learning
(Based upon the book of the same title)

Ajay M. Pangarkar, CTDP, FCPA, FCMA, CEO and Partner, CentralKnowledge.com (Canada) and Author

Building Teams that Move at the Speed of Culture

Busi Dichaba, Head of Learning and Development, Norton Rose Fulbright

Exploring the Impact of Gen Z in the Workplace: Enhancing Learning Strategies for Future Success

Matt Lambert, CEO of Invictus Education Group and Managing Director, Reach Summit Global

Global Team Success with Lumina Spark

Angela Eustace, Group Talent Head, ABF Sugar

Unlocking the Potential: Harnessing Neuroscience for Learning and Change

Ingra Du Buisson-Narsai, Director, NeuroCapital & Registered Organisational Psychologist

Creating a Positive Onboarding Experience: First Impressions Count

Yonela Matolengwe, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Aspen SA Operations

Optimising your Learning and Development Budget for Maximum Impact

Rethinking Learning and Development: Navigating the Future of Work

Linda van der Loo, Executive Partner Learning Innovation, Blue Pebble Consulting

The Significance of Purpose and Meaning in Learning and Development

Maseabo Mosia, Head Learning and Development, Bidvest Bank Limited

Leading the L&D Function in a Dynamic Environment

Caroline Marwisa, Group Head: Learning and Development, Old Mutual Limited
Beverley Green, Director: People & Organisation, Consulting & Risk Services, PwC

Effective Learning Programme Design: Less is More

Pre-conference workshop 1
Half Day • 4 June 2024 (09:00 To 13:00)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Learning and Development (L&D)

Delve into the exciting domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its practical applications in L&D at this workshop.

This workshop is tailored for HR professionals, learning enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the capabilities of AI. We will highlight the practical use of AI in L&D, focusing on Chat GPT, an advanced AI model designed for natural language conversations. Learn what Chat GPT is and how it can be harnessed in L&D initiatives.

Additionally, we will guide you in effectively using Chat GPT to craft engaging and interactive learning content. By participating, you will acquire valuable insights into AI’s role in L&D and unveil the potential it holds for your organisation. You will walk away with hands-on experience in employing AI technologies like Chat GPT and Knowledge Platforms to enhance learning and development initiatives.

Join us in this immersive learning experience and be at the forefront of the AI revolution in L&D.

Facilitator: Elmen Lamprecht

Talent Expert

With close to 20 years’ experience in Human Resources, Talent Attraction & Acquisition, Elmen helps his clients to unleash the unlimited potential of their People using HR Technology. Elmen shares his expertise at events as speaker and have published several articles about HR Tech.

His expertise includes:

  • Consulting on optimising the use of HR Technology
  • People analytics and HR Reporting
  • Improving Employee Engagement using HR Tech
  • Creating inspirational hybrid working solutions
  • Planning and building HR Metaverses
  • Implementation of various Technology in HR, including: Game-based Learning, Chat Bots and Video Interviewing
  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (including Prescriptive Analytics and Machine Learning)
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Interactive Employee Engagement Tech
  • Advanced Gamification

Pre-conference workshop 2
Full Day • 4 June 2024 (09:00 To 16:00)

Thriving in Today’s World: Self-Discovery, Emotional Mastery & Resilience

This dynamic workshop offers profound personal insights and essential tools for deepening self-awareness, mastering emotions, and developing resilience. In our paradoxical and demanding era, where integration of intellect and emotion is paramount, self-awareness and emotional management are key to accessing wisdom and living a life of vitality and impact.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Self-Mastery: Delve into your unique personality traits, strengths, blind spots, and stress responses through Lumina Spark.
  • Emotional Management: Identify emotional triggers, reactions, and consequences; acquire practical strategies to regulate emotions and adapt to challenging situations.
  • Strengthening Relationships: Understand personalities to respect, value and adapt to others, fostering empathy, collaboration, and authentic connections.
  • Resilience & Well-Being: Develop tools to alleviate stress and overcome adversity, ensuring mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • Thriving: Achieve your full potential by creating a self-development roadmap to capitalise on growth opportunities, utilise strengths, and apply the strategies learned to flourish.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is open to everyone keen to flourish in their personal and professional lives. If you are aspiring to thrive, join us!

Unique Offering
You will receive a personalised Lumina Spark Portrait. An accurate and highly researched personality report revealing your strengths, hidden talents, blind spots, stressed behaviour and communication preferences. Plus 4 supporting innovative tools to provide you with life-long autonomous-driven learning.

Facilitators – Accredited Lumina Spark Practitioners

Dr. Sharon Munyaka

Organizational Psychologist focusing on leveraging strengths while guiding leaders and teams to cultivate thriving spaces through self-awareness and a philosophy rooted in curiosity, compassion, and courage. Well-known for her research at Nelson Mandela University.

Steve Johnson

Wildlife Management CEO and Thought-leader – ‘growing great leaders across Africa’ using wildlife expertise in executive coaching, organization change, personal development – working extensively with UN, UNDP and UNEP using Lumina to transform their teams and leadership.

Recognising quality, innovation, leadership and a proven impact on the wider organisation

Learning and Development Team of

the Year Award

Submit your entries by 5 July 2024

The winner will be announced at the L&D Conference in Cape Town on 23 October 2024.

Judging Panel



Chief Learning Architect, Blue Pebble Consulting
Linda van der Loo, with more than two decades of experience, is an Executive Partner at Blue Pebble Consulting, where she drives innovation in digital and eLearning across South Africa and Africa. A former Group Head of Learning at Standard Bank, Linda is known for challenging conventional learning methodologies. She is currently focusing on upskilling and personal development during a career break.

Helen Nicholson

Chief Excitement Officer and founder, The Networking Company

Helen Nicholson, known as the “Networking queen,” is the Chief Excitement Officer and founder of The Networking Company. With three best-selling books and speaking engagements in 43 countries, she’s a board member for the global Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) in Johannesburg. Helen has international corporate experience, including a successful venture in Dubai, and focuses on leadership development in South Africa.

Industry Leading

Conference Speakers

Dr Philippa Hardman
Dr Philippa HardmanAffiliate Scholar at the University of Cambridge, Learning Scientist and Creator of DOMSTM (UK)
Ajay M. Pangarkar
Ajay M. PangarkarCTDP, FCPA, FCMA, CEO and Partner, CentralKnowledge.com (Canada) and Author
Yonela Matolengwe
Yonela MatolengweTalent Acquisition Specialist, Aspen SA Operations
Dumisani Kala
Dumisani KalaHead Learning and Development, Barloworld Equipment
Shervarni Govender
Shervarni GovenderExecutive: People and Culture, LegalWise South Africa
Frank de Beer
Frank de BeerDirector, The Arbinger Institute SA
Maseabo Mosia
Maseabo MosiaHead Learning and Development, Bidvest Bank Limited
Angela Eustace
Angela EustaceGroup Talent Head, ABF Sugar
Theodore Aaron
Theodore AaronHead: Learning and Development, Specialist Skills, Standard Bank Group
Bonolo Smith
Bonolo SmithAssociate Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lead, BTS IMEA
Caroline Marwisa
Caroline MarwisaGroup Head: Learning and Development, Old Mutual Limited
Ester Watson
Ester WatsonHead: Learning Design and Implementation (DM) – Discovery Institute of Training, Discovery Group
Ruth Klix
Ruth KlixHead of Talent Management & Acquisition, Learning & Development, Nestlé East & Southern Africa Region
Ingra Du Buisson-Narsai
Ingra Du Buisson-NarsaiDirector, NeuroCapital & Registered Organisational Psychologist
Beverley Green
Beverley GreenDirector: People & Organisation, Consulting & Risk Services, PwC
Busi Dichaba
Busi DichabaHead of Learning and Development, Norton Rose Fulbright
Ashalia Maharajh
Ashalia MaharajhFounder and CEO, Sivuka Youth
Suretha Esterhuysen
Suretha EsterhuysenHead of Learning and Development, Telesure Investment Holdings (TIH)
Sharidan Kothiah
Sharidan KothiahTeam Leader: Learning and Development, Telesure Investment Holdings (TIH)
Tanith Mohale
Tanith MohaleWorkflow Learning and Performance Consultant, Fuse Universal
Clare Kampel
Clare KampelLearning and Development: Senior Manager, Platinum Life
Linda van der Loo
Linda van der LooExecutive Partner Learning Innovation, Blue Pebble Consulting
Matt Lambert
Matt LambertCEO of Invictus Education Group and Managing Director at Reach Summit Global

Participating Organisations

Conference Sponsors



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