A Framework for the Development of Learning Programmes for Adult Learners in Outcomes-based Mode systematically guides programme planners and educators in planning and designing outcomes-based learning programmes.

The diagrammatic representation of events at the start of each chapter, assists in planning and designing the learning programme. The purpose, expected outcomes and preamble are outlined, and the accompanying list of theoretical underpinnings and critical cross-field outcomes makes for easy reference.

The text consists of three sections:

Section 1: Framework for developing learning programmes, deals with:

  • Identifying the needs of the organisation
  • Analysing the job or task
  • Identifying learner needs
  • Determining learning outcomes
  • Developing assessment criteria
  • Selecting, sequencing and prioritising content
  • Selecting appropriate instructional tools, and
  • Selecting assessment instruments and developing assessment tasks.

Examples of qualifications and unit standards, as registered on the South African Qualifications (SAQA) website, are included in several of the events. Each event is followed by a checklist, as well as recommendations on the allocation of time and training, and the suggested physical format of print material.

Section 2: Excerpts of training material focuses on material developed for learners in the Higher and Further Education and Training Bands of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The material is based on relevant unit standards from registered qualifications, which give learners credits. Specific outcomes from the unit standard were selected, and learning material was developed to help achieve them.

Section 3: Assessment instruments and tasks provides descriptions of assessment instruments, with practical examples of assessment tasks linked to specific outcomes, and assessment criteria from registered unit standards.

A Framework for the Development of Learning Programmes for Adult Learners in Outcomes-based Mode is an invaluable tool in guiding programme planners and educators to meet the challenges of education and training in South Africa.