More and more people in South Africa are turning to coaching to help them grow, learn, and resolve life issues for themselves.

Coaches may have widely varying backgrounds, vary in their approach and methodology, and use a variety of terms to describe themselves.

  • How, then, do you, as someone who wants to explore coaching as an option to help you, obtain information about the field?
  • How do you know that coaching is an appropriate option for you?
  • How do you prepare yourself for the coaching?

This book aims to answer these questions for:

  • clients in the workplace and in their personal life
  • who want to get the most out of their coaching
  • in a South African context

This gem of a book is a must-read for everyone who is considering working with a coach. It is an excellent starting point in a journey that will be rich and rewarding in ways you can only imagine. Penny and Kathy clarify what to expect from coaching and the different types of coaching you can explore.

They provide you with:

  • Guidelines on finding and choosing a coach.
  • Help in self-assessing your own readiness for coaching.
  • Guidance on how to clarify your goals for coaching.
  • Tips and tools which put you in the driver’s seat in terms of the coaching journey you will be taking.

Any person who follows the advice given in this book will have an exceptional experience with coaching, and achieve great results.