The book focuses on the shift from training to learning to collaborative learning in the modern socially networked age, using latest research in Neuroscience. It outlines the key frameworks, processes and tools to adopt and implement accelerated learning in organisations to build and sustain an adaptive and insightful approach to business and talent development.

The authors also highlighted accelerated learning as a talent engagement and performance driver and how to measure the impact of learning. The book is packed with visual summaries, case studies, tools and templates to help with planning your accelerated learning journey and is relevant to individuals, business leaders and learning specialists.

The book covers aspects through the following topics, ending in two case studies that will show how all of it can be pulled together to create real, high impact learning for breakthrough results.

PART 1: Paradigm shift for Accelerated Learning
PART 2: Whole brain, whole person approach to learning
PART 3: Creating a Learning Culture
PART 4: Designing Accelerated Learning Programs
PART 5: Making it real – case studies of accelerated learning

What’s New: the authors also invites readers to engage with the topic, and accelerate their learning through various gamification mechanics and brain-break activities in the book and on-line. There will be a rabbit-hole of resources, tools and rewards through opting in to an on-line process and ways of interacting with other readers and learners through social media.