The business case for dealing with mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is absolutely clear. Not only are the workplace costs associated with poor mental health significant, but positive mental health (manifested as employee engagement and other positive mental health states) has been found to play a key role in organisational success.

Beyond Tea and Tissues will empower and educate mental health and employee wellbeing professionals, managers, HR practitioners, and employers across the spectrum with the insights, evidence and practical tools needed to protect employees, prevent harm and promote thriving.

This actionable handbook covers a wide range of burning issues, such as:

  • Understanding the role of the manager or HR practitioner in working with mental health problems
  • Cultural issues to consider when managing mental health at work
  • Identifying and managing personality, mood and anxiety disorders in the workplace
  • Best practices for tackling workplace bullying or violence-prone people at work
  • Recognising and assisting employees with addiction problems
  • Helping employees work through difficult life experiences
  • Practical strategies for managing a mental health crisis at work
  • Early warning signs of mental health difficulties
  • What to do if you suspect something is wrong
  • What NOT to do after a mental health crisis
  • And more!

Beyond Tea and Tissues offers ACTIONABLE STEPS that can be taken today, to optimise employee wellbeing and manage distress, trauma and mental illness in the workplace.