Building Resilience is the key to not just coping, but flourishing, in an increasingly complex and volatile world.

Imagine having abundant inner strength and resourcefulness to withstand and recover quickly from whatever difficulties life may throw at you. With Building Resilience you can.

Packed with practical exercises and inspirational stories, this groundbreaking, research-based book will show you (step-by-step) how to cultivate inner resilience and stand unshakeable in the face of life’s challenges.

Building Resilience offers practical tools to help you master modern-day stresses and stop them from negatively affecting your work, colleagues and family. No matter what personal or professional challenges come your way, you will be able to:

• Remain calm and healthy
• Reduce worry
• Experience more hope and optimism
• Bounce back stronger

The book is divided into three parts.  The first part covers how resilience works, the resilience building blocks, principles and steps, and includes a personal resilience questionnaire.

Part two covers seven principles of resilience with stories, tools and exercises on how each can be improved:

• Connect to your meaning in life
• Use your strengths
• Maintain perspective
• Generate positive feelings
• Be realistically positive
• Persevere by being open minded and flexible

Part three applies the building resilience principles and tools to work which apply to work and home settings.  The work section outlines several strategies with practical exercises to create resilient teams.  The home section contains 24 activities to enhance and reinforce children’s resilience.