Co-determination is really the only way forward for South Africa and other emerging economies. Our traditional corporate way of managing employee relations is no longer conducive to the survival and sustainability of companies. A new way needs to be found where the rights of all stakeholders are not only protected but are able to flourish into real relatedness and functional interaction, seeing that the ultimate, superordinate goal for all is the same. Co-determination is a model that encourages unions and companies to view and consider their positional approach when dealing with operational and strategic issues. It promotes collective decision-making between a company and a union.

Co-Determination integrates Organisational Development (OD) as a field of study with Employee Relationships (ER). Human Resources (HR) in companies are often so fragmented that the full function is managed in a disjointed way. This book crosses the boundaries between the functionalities and argues theoretically, and shows practically, that the integration of different fields of HR can have huge benefits for organisations. If OD is done correctly, ER will be a much more fulfilling field; and if ER embraces co-determination, OD can add real strategic business value.

Co-determination is a book rich in African philosophy, stories, narratives, cases and theory – all in a kaleidoscope of different angles studying the same topic. Different role-players have worked together in various disciplines over decades to reach this point where insights on a progressive book on co-determination can finally be shared. The wisdom inside this book will linger long after you’ve reading it.