Coaching Leaders: 7 “P” tools to propel change by Dr. Caren Scheepers Coaching Leaders is a self-help manual for personal growth in leadership effectiveness, which endeavours to assist coaches and leaders in coaching their clients or subordinates.

Dr Caren Scheepers is making a considerable contribution to leaders in South Africa and elsewhere through her coaching, her consulting, and her facilitation in the classroom. Many of the insights that underpin this contribution are now available to leaders through this very useful collection of tools for coaching.

Caren has done us the immense favour of documenting her own experiences and combining them with a considerable body of literature to identify these 7 tools for coaching, thereby making available in one book many years of experience, reading and study. These 7 tools will have value in the toolbox of any leadership coach.

Coaching is defined as an interactive process to facilitate a coachee in achieving goals. Leadership is having influence to bring about change. Therefore, coaching leaders involves facilitation of improvement of leadership skills. The author provides 7 “P” Tools and systematically discusses each of them to provide structure to the content. The objective, outcome, rationale, and actual methods and examples have been given for each “P” Tool in coaching.

The 7 “P” Tools:

  1. Purpose coaching
  2. Progress coaching
  3. Process coaching
  4. Perspective coaching
  5. Polarity coaching
  6. Political coaching
  7. Potential coaching

The first chapter consists of an overview of coaching and leadership. The next seven provide the 7 “P” Tools, and the last chapters integrate and align the tools as well as discussing how to conclude the coaching conducted according to the tools provided.