Coaching leadership teams: Getting organisational culture aligned is for those leaders, team leaders, coaching practitioners and organisational effectiveness specialists who want to manage coaching projects focusing on teams and alignment successfully. It also provides a mixed-method approach to coaching.

The case studies show how the coaching process helped clients to translate their preferred culture into leadership practices, which they embraced and incorporated into their balanced scorecards and daily activities. As a result they shifted entirely to their consciously chosen culture in a short period of time

Contents include:

  • Making a coaching footprint
  • Values, once agreed and shared, promote team performance
  • How all that we learn, experience and believe shapes our coaching approach
  • Coaching: Aligning culture with strategy
  • Setting the key milestones
  • Milestone 1: Reaching agreement on the coaching process
  • Milestone 2: Developing an organisational strategy
  • Milestone 3: Sharing perceptions
  • Meeting the key milestones through a combined coaching process
  • Adapting the coaching process to achieve alignment in varying contexts
  • Learning and reflections on ethics in coaching
  • A snapshot of the author’s most profound personal learning and reflections

You will find the author’s research suggestions practical and thought-provoking – and a useful guide to thinking through your own team coaching model.

This book by our colleague, Dr Salomé van Coller-Peter, is highly recommended as a prime example of integrating theory, narrative and practice for the good of the client.
— Piet Naude, Director: University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) 

This book will be helpful to all leaders of organisations, big or small, and will stimulate their organisational thinking and how to get the culture aligned.
— Jan-Ola Andersson, Deputy Divisional Manager: ÅF Industry AB, Malmö, Sweden