‘I welcome this sage and authentic book, and encourage all HR practitioners, leaders, and coaches to read, and heed, its important messages.’
– Bev Cunningham, Vice President, Group Human Resources, Ricoh Europe PLC, London, UK

‘A must-read for those who are serious about being professional and ethical business coaches.’
– Wendy Johnson, President and CEO, Worldwide Association of Business Coaches WABC®,Vancouver, Canada

This book offers an approach to business and executive coaching that properly aligns the practice in the culture of business through the use of a relational “coaching axis” that helps to manage the complexity of the organisation and the individual as dual clients.

Business and executive coaching occurs within an organisational context with the goal of promoting success at all levels of the organisation by affecting the actions of those being coached (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, 2007). Marc Khan, in his new book, discusses a new form of coaching is distinct from other types in two ways, firstly it is focused on achieving business outcomes, and secondly, both the individual being coached and the sponsoring organisation are simultaneously the client.

This book explains how a coach manages the complexity of helping these two clients by acting as a narrative bridge between their stories. It offers a relational approach which resists remedial or curative notions born from coaching’s human science roots and instead aligns to workplace realities.