The world of communication has literally been tipped on its head over the last few years. The reason, quite simply, is one word – digitalisation.  People’s reading habits have drastically changed, and now consist of flipping from web page to web page, Facebook post to news site, spending an average of around six seconds at each destination. This means that if your communication, including emails, doesn’t grab them immediately, the chances of them reading it all the way through are very small. In addition, visuals are becoming increasingly important, whether infographic, video, animation or whatever means you can use to grab someone’s attention for a minute or two.

Conquering Communications in Organisations offers insights and ideas on just how to look at today’s world of internal and external communications, using examples and case studies to illustrate crucial topics such as:

– Social Media: Using social media for internal comms and the importance of social media security.
– Email: Styles of email communication, etiquette and format.
– Internal newsletters: Why you should keep sweet and short, get your staff to give you news and incorporate humour!
– Marketing documents: What to consider when drafting marketing proposals, agreements, strategies and your content schedule.
– How to deal with customers’ enquiries and complaints.
– Writing general and annual reports.
– And more!

In addition, Conquering Communications in Organisations, will help you hone your writing for a digital age. You’ll learn how to do away with pompous, cliched and complicated writing, to present your thoughts in a clear and concise manner that engages the modern reader.

Includes practical case studies from Nokia, Vodacom, Barclays Africa, Ford and more!