Edited by Prof Jacques Faul
ISBN: 9781991272096
Hardcopy price: R359.00
eISBN: 9781991272102
E-version price: R323.00
Published: March 2024

Embark on a transformative journey through South African sport with “Crisis Management in Sport: Dealing with Challenges on and Off the Field,” a comprehensive guide to crisis management. The foreword by Dr. Ali Bacher emphasizes the importance of this addition to the sports management knowledge landscape, citing his personal experiences managing national and international sports.

Crisis Management in Sport: Dealing with Challenges on and Off the Field, curated by Professor Jacques Faul, offers a diverse array of chapters contributed by seasoned professionals in the sports industry. From Jacques Faul’s own experiences in managing crises to insights on crisis communication, governance, compliance, mental wellness, legal considerations, and racism in sports, each chapter provides a unique perspective. Here you will find institutional knowledge in order to be able to deal with challenges in managing crises.

Jacques Faul offers leadership approaches in dealing with various crises. Various case studies will be analysed and discussed leading to the inclusion of a crises management plan and an annexure featuring a crisis management template.

With contributions from renowned figures like Suane Nortje, Ivanke Broodryk, Johan van Zyl, Luke Alfred, Rian Cloete, Janie Marais, Monique de Klerk, Bertie Grobler, and Dr. Ali Bacher, this guide is a valuable resource for professionals seeking effective strategies to navigate and mitigate crises in the dynamic world of South African sport.