Author: Niël Steinmann
ISBN: 9781869229894
Hardcopy price: R349.00
eISBN: 9781869229900
E-version price: R314.00
Published: August 2023

Mentoring nourishes others to grow and act with greater confidence. The need for mentorship is greater than ever before. However, informal mentoring has not kept up with the challenges in business. In his latest book on mentoring, Niël Steinmann, South Africa’s leading authority on mentorship suggests a structured and intentional approach to mentoring, called crucial mentoring conversations. He explains: ‘Our success in life is dictated by the quality of relationships we can build and maintain’. Parents, teachers and leaders from any career, professional, or educational setting are now challenged to successfully navigate mentoring relationships.

The book is rich with advice and will explore the various conversations crucial for mentoring relationships.

You will be able to hold deeper more honest conversations that create new levels of self-awareness and opportunities for those that you mentor to transform situations and relationships around them. It presents to the mentor practical tools to facilitate this awareness and learning in ways that enrich, challenge, inspire and enable mentees to learn about themselves and their world.

This enriched edition delves into conscious mentoring, which empowers mentors to foster meaningful connections that will impact their mentees’ lives. Conscious mentoring emphasizes greater self-awareness of the mentor, the quality of relationship, and a deeper understanding of the mentee’s unique development journey. It encourages mentors to be present, attuned, and genuinely engaged in nurturing the growth and self-discovery of those they guide.

When you mentor intentionally, opportunities for crucial conversations present themselves all the time, from ‘What’s my purpose?’ to navigating career challenges, to performance feedback, developing strengths and how to manage productive relationships and networks both personally and professionally.

Content Pages:

Part 1: The world of mentoring

Part 2: Crucial mentoring conversations

  • Demystifying crucial mentoring conversations
  • The purpose of a crucial mentoring conversation
  • Ingredients of successful crucial mentoring conversations
  • Topics that crucial mentoring conversations can/should cover
  • Who should own or drive these conversations?
  • When should you have a crucial mentoring conversation?
  • Creating successful crucial mentoring conversations
  • The power of storytelling
  • Ensure honesty and safety in your conversations
  • At what stage should confrontation be part of a crucial mentoring conversation?
  • How to end a crucial mentoring conversation