Business strategy is appealing because it contains insights that promise to outsmart and outperform competitors, leading to a future that is better, brighter and more rewarding than the present.  But where does good strategy start?

In their new strategy book, Crystallising the strategic business landscape, Marius Ungerer and co-authors Gerard Ungerer and Johan Herholdt provide readers with a solid point of departure for conducting impactful, relevant and future orientated strategy analyses and syntheses. Their approach is practice-led applications of strategic management tools that are based on sound theoretical foundations. The strategic business landscape is crystallised by viewing it from different vantage points to inform the development of strategic foresight, insight and cross-sight.

The book is aimed at scholars, leaders and practitioners who wish to learn how to analyse external and internal contexts as a starting point for understanding the current realities of organisations, and to serve as a basis for strategic decision-making. The book is thorough, yet accessible – the perfect companion for conducting strategic analysis and synthesis.

Focus of this book:


What is our current reality?

External Global, Macro, Industry and Customer analysis

  • Market Opportunities
  • Market Threats

Internal analysis

  • Resource Strengths
  • Resource Weaknesses

Utilising Strategy analysis tools and problem solving approaches


  • What are our future strategic choices?
  • What are our aspirations?
  • How can we make these aspirations a reality?
  • What can we change to make these aspirations a reality?