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“Embrace your anxiety and make it work for you.”

After experiencing intense emotional trauma, management coach, An Bakkes developed the “Embracing Anxiety Model” to help anyone battling anxiety in their personal or professional life. When she started to use the model in her own coaching sessions, the results were remarkable.

“The people who formed part of these conversations grew in their level of self-awareness and started changing in front of my eyes. Their decision-making processes transformed to show a higher level of awareness, as did the quality of their decision-making.”

Take a journey with An Bakkes and learn how to become comfortable with the discomfort of uncertainty. An will show you how to navigate uncertainty and complexity in a way that limits your anxiety and makes it work for you.

“I want share this model with everyone, to ensure people don’t have to go through dark hours to learn and apply some of the lessons and discoveries I have made.”


“To learn from the wisdom and insight of somebody who has made sense of chaotic and disruptive life events, is truly a privilege. Not only does An allow us an honest insight into her journey but she also abundantly shares how she found factors such as trust, vulnerability, gratitude, acceptance and hope to provide meaningful ways in dealing with anxiety and despair. Her insights, not only made a difference in managing her own anxiety but will keep on making a difference to those around her – and to you the reader.”

Dr Jopie De Beer, CEO: JvR Africa Group, Managing Director: JvR Psychometrics

“I was really moved by your story, and the way you’ve not only picked yourself up – but also found it in your heart to offer a map, and with it hope, to so many others who find themselves in similar dark places. You have my respect and admiration for the work that you’re doing.”

– Dr Michael Mol, Medical Doctor, Executive Television Producer, Presenter, International Speaker and Business Consultant

“It is the realisation that anxiety can work for our good that will allow us to face it with resilience rather than struggle with it in seclusion. The book has been a tremendously amazing tool in my personal healing process and has provided me with a brand-new outlook on life.”

– Keneilwe Mogasoa, Transformation Catalyst, Star Performance Group SA

“This book is not just some theoretical construct – it provides practical and useful tips along the journey of Embracing Anxiety. These insights provide the mechanism to rob anxiety and fear of their power and allow each of us to take control of our own lives and circumstances.”

– Regan Adams, CEO, BNP Paribas Personal Finance South Africa

“Essential reading for learning to thrive in turbulent times.”

– Kathy Bennett, PhD, Leadership Coach, part-time faculty for University of Stellenbosch Business School