Employee engagement is at the forefront of business agendas as it facilitates organisational performance. Engaged employees result in delighted customers, which in turn contribute to improved financial results.

The book address the following issues:

• What is “employee engagement” – different levels i.e. organisational, department/team, individual?
• Why is employee engagement important?
• Measuring employee engagement; the different instruments available; the different national and international approaches in measuring employee engagement; why is it important to account for context in measuring?
• High level overview of the Nienaber and Martins employee engagement framework and measurement instrument (including trust)
• The current state of employee engagement in SA
• Engagement and related human resource concepts/constructs (eg. organisational culture, commitment, citizen behaviour).

Major features that make this book unique:

• The book explores a scientific approach to context specific measurement.
• It focuses on both the theoretical aspects of employee engagement as well as the latest South African research.