Fight, Flight or Flourish: How neuroscience can unlock human potential takes the latest research in neuroscience and translates it into actionable steps you can take today to help you and your team thrive at work!

This practical book offers dozens of neuro-tips to help you: Cope better with stress; increase your focus at work; bring moods into balance; foster better relationships; quickly identify the intentions of others; make your goals more meaningful and achievable; cultivate a stillness of mind; use improved sleep as a way to increase performance; and more!

You’ll discover how to train your brain to optimise your potential and become the best version of yourself!


Fight, Flight or Flourish, is a marvellous compilation and translational book. Essential reading for anyone who wants to stay abreast of the latest research in neuroscience and begin to understand what it means to be human.”
Richard Boyatzis – co-author of the international best seller Primal Leadership

“This book is a wise neuro-investment that will maximise your individual and social performance.”
Dr John Demartini – International best-selling author of The Values Factor

“Thanks to the insights in this book, I’ve developed a far greater appreciation for the need to actively manage a wider range of factors that impact on my own mental wellness, particularly stress, and how I can proactively play a more positive role in my own family’s lives and the lives of my colleagues.”
Darren Hele – Chief Executive Officer, Famous Brands Ltd

“Fight, Flight or Flourish is a great read and an asset for any leader who’s interested in creating a flourishing environment for their organisation.”
Nene Molefi – author of A Journey of Diversity & Inclusion in South Africa

“An astute professional of applied behavioural neuroscience, in Fight Flight or Flourish Ingra offers insightful neuro-tips to help you enhance your human capital at work.”
Dr Etienne van der Walt – Neurologist