Editor: Paul Norman
ISBN: 9781869229191
eISBN: 9781869229207
Published: November 2021

“Being Human is now at the Centre”

The world has changed irrevocably and a new way of life and work in every aspect is now a reality. This requires HR to review its priorities and place renewed emphasis on being human and building effective human systems and human organisations.

The old ways of “doing HR” will no longer be relevant and it is time for HR to reimagine itself in a post-Covid world. This new role will demand a “new style” of HR professional. That is exactly what Paul Norman and sixteen HR leaders are addressing in HR: The New Agenda.

The contents include:

  • HR at the Centre
  • The New World of Work
  • The Power of Purpose
  • Changing Perspectives on Employee Health and Wellness
  • Increasing Social Capital
  • Radical New Talent Management Strategies
  • People Development for the New World of Work
  • New IR/ER Dispensation in the Post Covid Workplaces
  • Reinventing Remuneration, Benefits and Recognition
  • The New Diversity and Inclusion Realities
  • Governance and Ethics for the 2020’s and Beyond
  • Agility and Innovation
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Preparing the HR leader for the Future

The Authors include

Prof Kurt April; Vanisha Balgobind; Johan Botes; Dr Mark Bussin; Daniela Christos; Wilhelm Crous; Gideon du Plessis; Shelagh Goodwin; Selo Govender; Akona Makoboka; Andrew Millson; Penny Milner Smythe; Jasmin Pillay; Thuli Tabudi; Ninette van Aarde; Dr Dieter Veldsman; Prof Edward Webster

Among the companies featured are: Accenture Discovery Exxaro Food Lovers Market Media24 MTN Microsoft Momentum and Spar.