Think of this book as your own personal coaching manual, where you can gain information, experience and advice from John and Debbie, who bring with them many years of practical experience in international business and consulting, in leading and implementing people and talent strategies, and coaching individuals across a wide spectrum of disciplines. This book covers the full range of people who work, consult or advise in the private, public and informal sectors, including school leavers, graduates, new entrants, employees, managers, business leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, career counsellors, educators, HR practitioners and parents. Simply put, it applies to anyone who is interested in discovering and optimising their talent and potential. Alternatively, anyone who is interested in helping others on their development journey will also benefit from this publication.

We suggest that you take your time to work through the different chapters and complete the suggested reflection questions and activities. We also recommend that you keep the book as a resource guide to help you to deal with current issues in your life or to make the transition through different stages of your career development.

This book will guide and assist you in exploring the following critical questions: 

  • What are the drivers in the world of work? What are your options to create value? (Chapter 1)
  • How can you find out who you are, what you want and how to optimise your personal effectiveness for a fulfilling life? (Chapter 2)
  • What are organisations looking for when they search for talent? (Chapter 3)
  • How can you build your distinctive value and personal brand? (Chapter 4)
  • How can you maximise your performance? (Chapter 5)
  • How can you fast-track your development? (Chapter 6)
  • What competencies are core to becoming the best you can be? (Chapter 7)
  • How can you make the best career choices and make the most of transitions? (Chapter 8)