Author: by Dr Thuli Tabudi
ISBN: 9781869229993
Hardcopy price: R329.00
eISBN: 9781991272003
E-version price: R296.00
Published: October 2023

Embark on a transformational journey through the pages of “Inspirational Leadership: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro.” Discover practical wisdom that will empower you to become the best leader you can be, no matter the challenges life throws your way.

In a world inundated with leadership theories and lofty principles, where can you find genuine, practical leadership lessons that truly resonate with your life journey? Thuli Tabudi invites you on an awe-inspiring expedition to the heart of leadership in her book, “Inspirational Leadership: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro.”

From the very beginning, Thuli’s passion for books and leadership literature fuelled her quest for the perfect blend of theory and practice. She sought wisdom in countless pages, but it wasn’t until she ascended the mighty Kilimanjaro that leadership came to life. Kilimanjaro, the great teacher, unveiled the simplicity and dynamism of effective leadership, hidden in plain sight, right in her own backyard.  Life is no crystal stair, from the time one is born until their death, they have to navigate challenges and the life in between is no different.

Inspirational Leadership” serves as a testament that quality and profound insights can be found in the most unexpected places. Thuli’s transformative journey through Kilimanjaro teaches us that the answers to our leadership dilemmas may be closer than we think.

This book is a heartfelt thank-you to Kilimanjaro and Africa for revealing the true essence of leadership. Thuli’s experience is a testament that effective leadership doesn’t require a globe-spanning quest—it’s waiting for you to experience right where you are. In a way, this book encourages one to start by looking at what is around them before venturing outside to look for solutions without checking on what is already in their backyard.

As she shares her life lessons and leadership discoveries, Thuli invites you to join her in adding to the collective wisdom of those who’ve climbed their personal Kilimanjaros. Together, let’s strive to become better people and stronger leaders, fortified by the practical wisdom of life’s challenges. We can all reflect on our past journeys and be reminded of those times when we were strong, so that when things are difficult, we have a library of life victories that remind us of our true powers because we are stronger than we at times believe.

“Inspirational Leadership” inspires you to ascend your own Kilimanjaro, no matter the obstacles. Embrace life’s challenges, breathe in the unknown, and reflect on your journey. When your time on this earth comes to an end, may you stand tall and say, “I gave life my all.”