Sarah Arnot has established one of the world’s most comprehensive leadership assessment and executive development programmes. For the past 25 years she’s helped hundreds of CEOs and executive leaders to significantly improve their skills, performance and, most importantly, their job satisfaction.

This book is a collection of her most useful leadership research findings, distilled into a 40 bite-sized leadership lessons. These briefings are perfect for leaders who are chronically short on reading and research time. They unlock the latest thinking about learning, leadership, decision-making and growth to help executives “move the dial” on leadership.

If you’re looking to reach your full potential or push your boundaries and improve as a leader – KEEP YOUR FOCUS: 40 Thought-Pieces on Maintaining Your Top Performance will give you insights you can apply straight away.

Buy this book to read on the plane or to keep on your desk as a reference. KEEP YOUR FOCUS: 40 Thought-Pieces on Maintaining Your Top Performance is a valuable resource to dip into when you need inspiration or to be reminded of what’s important as a leader.

What others are saying about the book:

Senior leadership roles can be lonely – it can be difficult to ask for help when you are expected to have all the answers. Sarah has distilled years of scientific research and extensive executive coaching experience into practical insights that are directly relevant for all leaders. Keep Your Focus is an honest and intelligent read – and beautifully written to boot. –  Sally Hutton, Managing Partner, Webber Wentzel

An enticing flip side to Sarah’s first book which was a ‘how to guide’.  This collection provides seeds for the curious leader; a multiple starter packet of thought leadership and inspiration in neat short form, easy to digest, useful to slingshot your thoughts forwards. When as a leader you feel an issue gnawing at you – there will be a matching insight to start you journey from right here – keep this book close at hand. –  Andrew Woodburn, Managing Director, Woodburn Mann Executive Search

A quality which continues to set a true master of their art apart from their peers is their ability to take their audience through the journey of the most intricate concepts without losing them for one single step of the way.

Combine the above with a passion for leadership and conscious living, deeply rooted at the essence of her being and you have the delight of Sarah’s presence.

With the collaboration of these thought pieces, Sarah yet again guides each of us on our journey, putting some of the toughest leadership principles within the grasp of each of us.  Making theory a practical reality that will continue to change our world. –  Christo Els, Chief People Officer, Mentis