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LEADERSHIP INTERRUPTED: The Pause that Changed Everything

By Mark Holtshousen

In Leadership Interrupted: The Pause that Changed Everything, author Mark Holtshousen delves into the depths of leadership in an era marked by what some describe as a “polycrisis.” Drawing upon his extensive experience as an executive coach, Mark sheds light on the unspoken realities that leaders grapple with but rarely share.

UBUNTU COACHING AND CONNECTION PRACTICES FOR LEADER-MANAGERS: Selected practices to grow your team in a fast-changing world

By Dumi Magadlela PhD • series editor Dr Sunny Stout-Rostron

This book introduces Ubuntu Coaching, offering tools for transformative coaching and showcasing stories of Ubuntu and connection practices from seasoned coaches. It provides practical day-to-day management advice within a transformational framework, emphasising holistic well-being, relational dynamics, and organisational cohesion. Readers will gain insights into Ubuntu coaching techniques, various intelligence perspectives, and team-centric tools that enhance adaptability.

INSPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro

By Dr Thuli Sizile Tabudi

Embark on a transformational journey through the pages of Inspirational Leadership: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro. Discover practical wisdom that will empower you to become the best leader you can be, no matter the challenges life throws your way. The book serves as a testament that quality and profound insights can be found in the most unexpected places.

LEADING WITH HUMANITY: Unlock the Leader You are Meant to be

By Peter Laburn

Discover who we are meant to be in a world obsessed with what we do. Drawing from great thinkers and leaders through the centuries – and decades of personal leadership experience – Leading with Humanity combines time-tested philosophical notions with proven research principles into an authentic guide for anyone striving to be a better human being, and thus a better leader, in business and life.


By Niël Steinmann

This enriched edition of Guiding and Leading Crucial
Mentoring Conversations delves into conscious mentoring, which empowers mentors to foster meaningful connections that will impact their mentees’ lives. Conscious mentoring emphasises greater self-awareness of the mentor, the quality of relationship, and a deeper understanding of the mentee’s unique development journey.

THE LEADER’S INNER SOURCE: Engage your whole self to navigate chaos and complexity and make a meaningful impact

By Dr Rean Du Plessis

In an era marked by uncertainty, The Leader’s Inner Source: Engage Your Whole Self to Navigate Chaos and Complexity and Make a Meaningful Impact provides transformative insights for navigating leadership challenges. It encourages you to explore: Where do we seek guidance when faced with uncontrollable variables and overwhelming complexity?

Leadership Lessons from Emperor SHAKA ZULU the Great

By Prof Phinda Mzwakhe Madi

Prof Phinda Madi’s journey into the rich heritage of Africa’s history unearths the dramatic truth of are markable leader’s victories and ultimate defeat. Shaka’s story is heroic and inspiring. Madi brings it to life with a rich flowing narrative filled with imagery and drama which makes for a very pleasant reading experience. What’s more, by telling the full story of a real-life career of leadership—with its strong points and its weaknesses—Madi highlights essential and universal truths of good leadership. He translates Shaka’s secrets into ten valuable leadership lessons in this modern world.