The purpose of this book is to make a contribution in the leadership ‘practices’ domain. Although there are many books covering leadership content (the What of leadership) there is a shortage of material that guides leaders to ‘entrain’, experiment and explore options for the How-to of refining their natural leadership style and strengths. The core of this book centres around 101 reflective rituals that guide leaders to expand their competence repertoire in the three clusters:

  •  Cognitive and Knowledge competency cluster
  •  Social and Attitude competency cluster
  •  Personal and Emotional competency cluster

Each of these clusters is linked to universal virtue themes in the areas of:

  •  Wisdom and knowledge
  •  Humanity
  •  Justice
  •  Courage
  •  Temperance, and
  •  Transcendence

The reflective exercises are grouped into competency clusters and universal virtue themes as described above. This enables users to focus on those aspects that they want to improve or about which they are curious.