Author: Phinda Mzwakhe Madi
ISBN: 9781869229801
Price: R329.00
ISBN: 9781869229818
Price: R296.00
Date Published: July 2023

FOREWORDS by Thulani S. Gcabashe and Professor Bonang Mohale

Enthralling leadership secrets from another age, another empire…

Prof Phinda Madi’s journey into the rich heritage of Africa’s history unearths the dramatic truth of are markable leader’s victories and ultimate defeat. Shaka’s story is heroic and inspiring. Madi brings it to life with a rich flowing narrative filled with imagery and drama which makes for a very pleasant reading experience.

What’s more, by telling the full story of a real-life career of leadership—with its strong points and its weaknesses—Madi highlights essential and universal truths of good leadership. He translates Shaka’s secrets into ten valuable leadership lessons in this modern world, namely:

  1. Build a sense of mission
  2. Mission is more important than convention
  3. To be a conqueror, be apprenticed to a conqueror
  4. Lead the charge (from the front)
  5. Build a fanatical team
  6. Go where angels fear to tread
  7. Be a good strategist (or get one)
  8. Know the battlefield (better than the enemy)
  9. Be obsessed with world-class technologies
  10. Never believe your own PR

Leadership lessons from emperor SHAKA ZULU the great will provide you with the skills and insight toapply these leadership principles to maximise.


The leadership lessons from King Shaka are both universal and timeless! They are applicable in many spheres of life, across time and space, across culture and language. It is in this that the power of this book lies – its lessons can lead to better business leaders, better community leaders and indeed better political leaders in a variety of situations. – Thulani S. Gcabashe, Chairman, BuiltAfrica Holdings. Chairman, Standard Bank (2015-2022)

The book is a stark reminder that we must continue to chronicle, archive and curate our own stories. A vivid demonstration, beyond any shadow of doubt, that we must, as a matter of course, highlight and celebrate our very own. – Professor Bonang Mohale is the President of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), Chancellor of the University of the Free State

The leadership lessons contained in this unique book are totally relevant to today’s complex, fast-moving world where we are fighting in the “battle of business” every day. A must-read for South African leaders and strategists. – Brand Pretorius

This book not only pays tribute to the role played by women in our illustrious history but it reminds us of the great leadership qualities that our ancestors left behind as our legacy. This book is an invitation for us to reclaim our strength and wisdom to triumph under any circumstances. – Wendy Luhabe