Author: Tracey Swanepoel
ISBN: 9781869229405
eISBN: 9781869229412
Published: March 2022

The link between performance and employee engagement is proven, logical and compelling. And yet despite engagement ballooning into a billion-dollar industry, levels over the past eight years have remained consistently disappointing – the needle is not moving in any significant way.

Leading for Engagement: 7 Sins and 7 Secrets challenges leaders to address this. Firstly it highlights the 7 sins that kill engagement. More importantly, it clearly outlines 7 secrets that are scientifically proven to foster engagement. This book describes actionable steps which will enable every leader to:

  • Integrate strategy, culture and leadership, making them real and accessible to employees at all levels
  • Simplify the key elements of their company’s strategy, and inject employees’ work with purpose and meaning
  • Encourage discussion – the oxygen of change
  • Inspire alignment towards a clear destination
  • Harness the power of business stories to make messages stick
  • Be brave enough to show up authentically
  • Focus on being a great listener.

By offering practical solutions to a fundamental problem, this book empowers leaders with tools and skills to create engaging and high performance environments.

“This book is compulsory reading for leaders who want to turbocharge their effectiveness and the significance of their legacy, for the good of all.”

 Brand Pretorius, Retired Chief Executive of McCarthy Limited

“Thank you to an outstanding author for nailing the essence of leadership.”

Dr Shirley Zinn, Chair and Independent Non-Executive Director of Boards