Author: by Peter Laburn
ISBN: 9781869229870
Hardcopy price: R329.00
eISBN: 9781869229887
E-version price: R296.00
Published: July 2023

How do you teach the grace and quiet confidence that comes with the permission to be yourself? How do you teach someone to know what to do when they don’t know what to do? That kind of leadership cannot be taught. It must be experienced and understood, and it is a profoundly personal and dynamic journey.

Living as a human being is challenging in a world that encourages and incentivises us to operate as human doings.

Leading with Humanity is an invitation to take the first steps on the inside-out journey of understanding what it is to become and be a leader – discovering who we are meant to be in a world obsessed with what we do.

Drawing from great thinkers and leaders through the centuries – and decades of personal leadership experience – Peter Laburn’s Leading with Humanity combines time-tested philosophical notions with proven research principles into an authentic guide for anyone striving to be a better human being, and thus a better leader, in business and life.