It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the terminology, concepts and tools available in the digital learning space. Learning in a Disruptive Age explores how the modern learner uses technology to learn and what this means for your organisation from a digital learning perspective.

This complete, how-to book will help you design and implement a sound digital learning strategy for today’s workplace. It unpacks:

  1. The terms used in learning technology, using a Periodic Table of Digital Learning
  2. The modern learner and workplace and the impact on learning
  3. How to craft a digital learning strategy
  4. Lessons learned in implementing a digital learning strategy
  5. How to measure the implementation of the digital learning strategy
  6. The relevance of traditional measuring models in a disrupted world
  7. The emergence of technologies that can support the measurement of non-formal learning.

Learning in a Disruptive Age is essential reading for anyone struggling to make sense of digital learning in the workplace. In this book you’ll find how-to guides, case studies, templates and resources you can apply immediately within your own organisation.