The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a greater focus on skills such as collaboration, building relationships, compassion, empathy and ingenuity. With over 20 years of experience in developing talent, Ashnie Muthusamy believes it’s time for us to step up, harness this unique potential and let our excellence shine in the new world of work! Whether you’re a student in school or a professional looking to grow your career, Live, Love, Learn, will help you to:

* identify your governing values;
* live your authentic self;
* discover your life purpose;
* build new relationships;
* be open to new opportunities; and
* manage the talent within.

Live, Love, Learn will show you that you don’t have to sacrifice your values or hide your authentic personality to be successful. In fact, you’ll discover how to successfully use your strengths to get to the next level in your career and life. This self-coaching guide will give you powerful exercises, tips and resources you can apply right away to gain more confidence, authenticity and effectiveness.

Live, Love, Learn is essential reading for anyone who knows what they want and is looking for real advice to take their career to the next level without losing themselves in the process.